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Tuesday, 24 May 2005

Star Wars and Knitting

Today I went and saw Star Wars. Thought it was rather good. Adam is there now (sad..We get to see the same movies seperately so one of us stays with the kids! lol) Ran into Cathy and her hubby there. They liked it too.

While talking to Cathy she recommended I head up to a local craft store cos they have baby wool cheap..Soooo..Now Adam is blaming her for me buying a heap ;) Mind you I also picked up 4 pattern books (one has some great mens jumpers). All reduced cost. I spent too much *looks embarrassed* Mmmmm $100..Adam told me off, after they yarn that is in the competition I got last week..and this lot this week. I am not allowed to buy wool for awhile..Its ok..I dont think I need to! lol Unless I want to make myself a jumper! lol

I must get more work done on Chloe's Sport Cardigan. I am so looking forward to getting it finished! lol. I handed over the Hero jumper for her son today..She put it right on him. He looked GORGEOUS. Good weather for it today too! It was a shocker..Just how I love it. Cold and rain! mmmm perfect knitting weather.

Okies folks..thats all for me for now..Will have to take pics of the wool I got today and post a pic tomorrow ;) rather tired tonight to do it.



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