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Sunday, 15 May 2005

ok I am BACK!!

Buuuuuuuut I still dont know where my Digi is! I cant think of where I put is last. And I will be honest...I havent looked....Havent had time and been lazy! Thanks for the tips of the kids toy box..They dont really use them that often and I think they would have said if they had it...Harley would have anyway..Shell....would have fessed up in the end..I hope. Might have to look later ;)

As for knitting. I have finished the left front of the Cardigan. And started the right front. Its looking good. Demz and I are still both wary about it fitting! Yesterday I had a few hours in town with Demz and we went to Spotlight and picked up BUTTONS!!!! Sooo now I have some lovely buttons to go with the cardigan!

As for applying for the Health Care Card and the Carers allowance. I STILL dont have the damn card! Will go harass them this coming week..As for the money! I can point and laugh at Harleys stupid doc...cos WE GOT IT!!! And I got a very nice backpay for 12mths ;) So that extra will help out fortnightly especially with her meds that she is going through so fast now she has to have 14mls a day!!

Okies...I mean it this time..Will spend tomorrow looking for the camera!! I am too stuffed today. I have a lot of blogs to catch up on and I have to get that front finished tonight!! I didnt think I would get anywhere close..But I actually MIGHT now! Then the sleeves and collar to go!! I cant wait to get it done! Then I have LUKA to remake for Demz too. Harley went to a birthday today..Made me think I have only 2mths to get Sheshas organised!! Its ok..Its gonna be a Hungry Jacks one (Cathy..Little Miss almost 3 will be invited when I get the invites).

Catch ya all later! I got blogs I have missed!!



  • At 4:46 pm, Blogger Cathy said…

    Glad you're back. We really. really missed you. Honest.

    I had noticed that the (**&&^%% had made a mistake but caught up in the rudeness of the *&&^ mongrel who thought that he was perfect that I forgot to mention it.

    Catch you later.



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