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Friday, 15 April 2005

Movin That Butt

Yes its that time for me again! I have to move my butt! I have fallen behind with my planned timing of getting ordered jumpers/cardigans finished! I blame that BLASTED Trixi Cardigan! I got rather dishearten when that was gonna be too small (mind you I would have still been on track if it wasn't).
Tonight I have to finish the back of the second Rowan Hero jumper. Going by my timetable mind you I should have had at least TWO parts of this jumper finished by now! So upon finishing the back tonight (I am being optimistic here) I will start a sleeve.
I have also cast on Chloe's Rowan Sport cardigan. That's all though. Just the cast on. I might tackle a little of that tomorrow if I get far enough on the Rowan Hero tonight. To refreshen everyone's memories (I have done this before), click on the following names to see the patterns I am working on. From the book Rowan Pipsqueaks pattern Hero. Also from the book Rowan Pipsqueaks pattern Sport. So if ya like them..Then borrow the book from your local library (or buy it. I can tell you there are some GORGEOUS patterns in there..).
Thanks everyone for your comments on the car being broken into. Yes it would have been funny to report it to the cops but its a bit late now! lol..I am just glad we didn't have to report it to our insurance people! They wouldnt have paid a cent cos the car wasn't locked.
In the mail today I got the LATEST Bendigo Colour Shade cards. I am a tad upset they removed one of my fave colours in the Classic line. BUT I do love some of the new colours! And I noticed the prices have gone up. Granted between only 20c and 50c but still! lol. I have also noticed they have removed the Mohair they use to have! I wanted to get some of that! BOOO!!
Okies folks. That will do for me for now. Once I get something worth showing off I will take a pic and show you all!



  • At 10:24 pm, Anonymous leah said…

    I LOVE Rowan Pipsqueaks! I haven't made anything from it yet though... but I like looking through it :)

  • At 5:58 pm, Anonymous Clare said…

    Katt, if you want I live near a Bendigo outlet. They often have discontinued lines avalable for a reduced price. Let me know and I will go see for you.(plus an excuse for me to go to town)
    You have my e-address Clarebennett...etc

  • At 8:31 pm, Blogger Bugsy said…

    Good luck with knitting tonight. I have had to give it a break (shouldn't even be on the computer at all tonight) as I have sprained my wrist. So no knitting for me for a few days. Bugger. (it didn't stop me buying some wool today though)


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