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Sunday, 3 April 2005

I had to laugh

Rachelle wore Luka again today. That child seems to LOVE wearing it. Will have to wash it before taking it to the S'n'B meeting I be thinking.

We went to Kmart. She was running off away from us and Adam goes "It does look good on her. Dont take this the wrong way but it looks like a shop bought one!" I find it TOTALLY funny that he thought I would be insulted that he thought it was a shop bought one! Isn't that more a compliment? Might have to consider making up business cards just incase people ask me about it! lol

Mmmm speaking of people asking me about it. I sent a pic of it to my friend. I thought Rachelle looked like her daughter in one of the pics of her wearing it. I got a reply "Love the jumper Shelly looks so cute in it. Can I have one for my daugher in the exact same colours". Looks like I get to put to the test making it again! Though this time those nasty little ends will vanish from the start! Mind you the price (even though its all acrylic) isnt gonna be my usual acrylic jumper price. With all the colours that go into it (all 8 of them) thats a lot of balls of wool!! Mind you I swear my kids do something! Its started pilling a little on the front already! After she had worn it for like 3hrs it had started! I honestly dont know what those kids do to them! Will have to get one of those pill removal things.

Okies..Catch ya all later! Getting closer to being half way through the back of Trixi! Cant wait to get that done, thats the boring part! lol



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