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Sunday, 17 April 2005

His Scarf

I hate my digital camera sometimes! I can't get the bloody program on the computer to work. I have some photos to show...But it won't let me! This is not the first time its done this to me!

As the title says this is about His Scarf (I couldn't remember if French for male was Le so I decided to avoid that). I thought last night that with how the weather has been cool after dark around here I would put Jordan's Jumper on hold to get Adam's scarf finished (after all Adam is out more often then Jordan ever will be after dark). Soooooooo I finished it up. Took some pics of Adam wearing it today before he headed off to work..and they you know what? He didnt bloody take it!! MEN!!! LOL..It's lovely! I can't wait to make mine out of Zhivago! I have a lovely pewter colour.

So I have worked out I have only 13 days to get this Hero jumper finished (since I want it done by 1/5). I have the whole front (with picture pattern), both sleeves, sewing it up and collar to do. I think I can get it done as long as no unforeseen urgent knitting pops up!

I have been busy cooking biscuits today. Shop was rather low. I know they will get heaps in this week. But hey...Adams work is slowing down a little nothing like a little extra cash to help out. And I am in a cooking mood and we don't need it all! lol Anyone want me to make em some biscuits! lol

Okies folks. When I can get my digital camera and computer to play nice I will post a pic of Adam's scarf.



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