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Tuesday, 5 April 2005

First Yarn Swap

Had our first yarn swap at out S'n'B meeting today. Granted only 3 of us brought yarn to swap. BUT! I came home a happy girl! I just hope Sharon and Cathy went home happy too! I must remember to bring more or that Chenille yarn for you next time Sharon (you might have to remind me a little closer to next meeting).

I did start up a beanie while at Suzi's house out of my new yarn from the trade. BUT I didnt like the idea if 114 sts for a TODDLER beanie! So will go through the patterns that I have at home and find a better one.

I think we will have to plan another trade for June? Will have to discuss it with the masses and see what they think. Fingers crossed we get more people next time involved in it. There were some who didnt bring yarn that made interested motions towards the yarn.

As for knitting. I am most of the way done with the back of the Trixi cardigan. I have worked out I can spend 6 days on each of the 5 pieces to get them done in 30days. I have to get the back finished tomorrow. I think I will have that happen! lol.

I am gonna help a friend learn to knit tomorrow. Well, she already knows HOW to knit of sorts. She can do garter stitch. I am just gonna give her a pattern to make garter stitch beanies. I am using Shell's pattern she does for The Duulan Project.

Okies thats all from me for now. My children are in a S**t of a mood. NEITHER will stay in bed and Rachelle is screaming the house down! SIGH..Good thing Adam is home from work.



  • At 9:03 am, Blogger Sharon said…

    I certainly did come home a happy little chappy, I can't wait till the next one.


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