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Thursday, 21 April 2005

BY Josie I think I have it

Oooops then I dropped it and it fell down the drain! DANG

I have been a productive little soul! Yes I have! Today I finished up the front of the second Hero Jumper. Last night I sat down and did the whole star (hence doing MOST of the front). It looks great..Though...I think will swim on Jordan! If I place the back shoulder part at my shoulder..It touches my hip! That cant be good! Today I plan on sewing up one shoulder seam..Doing the collar..Then sewing up the other shoulder seam. Then just those pesky sleeves to do (after all it IS a jumper not a vest).
I have 9 days to get the sleeves finished in. Can I finish it? Yes I can..(uuuh I think so). We will have to wait and see! Once the collar is done I will take a pic and post it.

I also have done two of the three beanies for the Sudanese children down the road. about 1/4 of the way through the last one. They better like them. They arent paying a cent for them mind you. I am just too much of a kind hearted person.

If I have things finished before the end of this month I plan on trying to get a few other things finished up before I start the Sport Cardigan fully. Its casted on..Thats it. I am almost getting excited about getting to it. It WAS going to be the last big ordered project..But I now have another Luka to do aswell.

Okies folks..Thats all for me for today I think. I would have gotten on yesterday to post but the internet and my computer werent on talking terms. I swear Bigpond plays up JUST to make customers go from landline to broadband.



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