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Thursday, 7 April 2005

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw I dont wanna have to frog it!!

Sigh. It was all going too well! Trixi was coming along to plan. I was going to get the back finished in the set time (yesterday) and be able to start one of the fronts..Until..A few days ago I looked at it "this isnt gonna fit her. It looks too small...Well if I stretch it a little so it will lay flat there MAY be a chance" yes. I will let myself believe that...Then I took it to show Demz yesterday. She looked at it "it looks a bit small" my reply "I thought that too. BUT if you stretch it a little like this there MAY be a chance" Ya see Chloe is 4, she is a short child. But her mother has pointed out she has been putting a little chub on of late...And Trixi is one ANNOYING pattern that goes sizes 3-4 and 6-7 (notice it!?!? There is NO size 5 in it)...
Sooooooooo in despertation last night I sent Demz a message "do you want me to stop with Trixi and let you look through the pattern book so you can find something else?" I get a reply this morning. "Yep just start Luka for her" mmm all well and good but I dont have the yarn yet to start Luka for her...Soooooooo last night I started Hero for the next door neighbours eldest son. Only got the cast on and one row done BUT its started!! lol

Watched "the Grudge" last night too. Not bad. Wasnt what I was expecting but was pretty good. The other night watched "Around The World In 80 Days" with Jackie Chan. Can recommend it to anyone who LOVES Jackie! Its one we will have to buy for sure.

No pics again just yet. Boring old soul arent I? Was planning on getting a pic of the yarn I was going to trade and then of my new stash enhancement but I never got one of what I got rid of! Might get one tonight of my new stuff and post it tomorrow. I got some Bendigo 5ply in a HOT PINK colour. Its the machine washable Bendigo. Am thinking about putting that with the Patons Bluebell and using that instead of the light pink to make Rachelle that jumper. Will have to sit back and see!

Catch ya all on the flip side!



  • At 12:37 am, Blogger ttbookjunkie said…

    Bummer that it came out too small

    I thought the Grudge was going to be so good until it got towards the end, I thought the end was disappointing.

    Happy Knitting...


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