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Friday, 18 March 2005

Why Do I Bother?

Every time I tell you guys what my knitting plans are for the night I seem to not touch those items at all! I think I might start telling you what I plan NOT to do each night! lol
Last night if you couldn't guess I got none of the star done again. Instead I was reminded (by seeing a grow suit) that I was planning on mailing today a little parcel off to Tokyo! So I sat down and made the little extra thing I was tossing in for her daughter. I would tell you what it was..And I would show you but never know if Lisa or Amber is looking on here ;) Ok..So Amber wouldn't be able to but still!! Its a surprise.

So tonight..I don't plan on working on the star..I also don't plan on working on anything else I have started. I DO plan on starting something new.

I have been doing well with the things I have in the shop too. I have sold another child's beanie this week. So I be thinking I will have to get my butt knitting and make more things to sell. See I should have done a heap more stuff during summer..I knew this would happen. And its not even THAT cold yet!! Looks like it might be a lucrative winter! MWAAHAAAHAAA.....

No pics today..Boring and nothing to show (sorry Dandy)...Thats all for now. Boring old soul I am.



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