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Sunday, 27 March 2005

She almost made it a year!!

I would like to say Happy Easter to all. It cant have been worse then our day has been so far!

Harley kicked it off with having a seizure this morning at about 6:30am first one in like 10mths. It only lasted about 5 minutes..and we decided to be brave and not take her in to the hospital (this is the first time for us. Normally we take her in even if she has stopped). Well..She went back off to sleep after having it to wake up 30 minutes later screaming and then she threw up! So I packed her and Adam off to the hospital. Where he stayed with her for a few hours. She hurled again a few times. But now is all happy and bouncing off walls. SIGH..Glad to see she is back to normal again...BUUUUUUUUUUUT...DAMN I am tired! Harleys main problem was she didnt think she would get any of her easter eggs that she has been really looking forward to cos she threw up. Well I gave her a Hi-5 drink bottle/snack cup in one which had some eggs in it. That seem to make her a little happier about going. Mind you she got TOTALLY spoilt at the Hospital. They gave her some little easter eggs..And a toy rabbit that Adam named Silly Rabbit (mmmm Kill Bill related there).

And I am finding myself battling Rachelle all the way with her easter chocolate. She wants to eat it..ALL of it..And I am refusing to let her eat it all. She didnt eat lunch. Wanting to eat Choc instead. Now she wants to eat Harleys cos Harl didnt eat what she had with her all at once while she was in hospital. For a child that doesnt like Chocolate that much for most of the year she SURE the heck LOVES it at easter!!!

As for knitting. I started Chloes Trixi Cardigan last night. I have done all the ribbing for the back and have started I am hoping this goes fast. The two front parts will be interesting with the cable at the opening edge. The sleeves..Well I just hope they act like sleeves of a childs jumper/cardigan and go fast...So the long boring piece will be the back. I almost started with a sleeve last night..But thought go with the boring part first get it over and done with. Thought I would start it too before the start of next month so it would be established before I took it to places like Adams grandmothers or to the next S'n'B meeting. Which I am hoping will have a yarn trade going on! YAY our first...Mind you I have only given everyone 10 days notice. Probably not enough. Bad me should have done it sooner.

Okies folks thats all for me for today. I am addled so need some crash time with just surfing the blogs I frequent! Catch ya all later!



  • At 9:39 am, Anonymous Martina Goulden said…

    Hi Katt. It's Martina Goulden here (SnB Melbourne). Love the Star jumper. Sorry to hear about the fitting episodes. Must be frightening for you all. Have a great Easter Monday. m/.

  • At 11:39 am, Blogger Bugsy said…

    Oh darls - I am sorry to hear that Harley has had another episode, but so glad that she is okay. Poor little poppet. I hope she manages to successfully hide her eggs from her sister. LOL. here's hoping for a boring quiet day for you all.

  • At 3:25 pm, Blogger shell said…

    Awww Katt, What a terrible way to spend Easter :( So glad she is okay now. Maybe you could knit her a little bag to hide her eggs in? (not that you don't already have enough knitting to do). Oops bad idea, if your 2 are anything like my 2 then you will need to knit 2 to stop arguments lol. Hope today was a better day for you :)

  • At 1:13 am, Anonymous leah said…

    Oh my goodness, bless your hearts, I'd have been absolutely terrified. I'm glad to hear everything turned out alright, but quite seriously you need a do-over.


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