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Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Ok so I am still alive

Suzi can vouch for that! I went and visited her today.

I have been knitting. LOTS of knitting....nothing finished to show for it though. Well except for 1 sock of 2 sets (yes..I had gotten my sock pile down to ONE odd pair now I am back up to three). I also got a bit done on a childs cable and rib beanie. Yes I am STARTING things!! Startitis hits again. Actually I have a good excuse! I have sold two childs beanies, 2 pair of childrens socks and a mans beanie I thought I better replenish the stock a little. I mean I only put in TWO pairs of 12-18mth old socks and BOTH sold!! My only childs cable and ribbed beanie sold too (and it was a LOVELY deep purple..I didnt think it would sell). So now I am working on more. Wish I had something finished to show off to you but alas I dont! When I get them finished I will. Beanie hopefully tomorrow...Socks..mmmmm...maybe a few days after that? I am already feeling guilty about not working on Hero!! So I am gonna have to hit that again after I have finished the beanie/socks.

Ok and now for a rant on my behalf! A few weeks ago...someone on a forum I am on contacted me. Asking me if I would be willing to make beanies and ponchos for her to SELL in a stall...I was reasonable. I have a HUGE order as it is. But since we are both on the same forum I would be nice and will see if I can help her. So we emailed a few times, talking about things needed to be talked about. Then she asked me what prices I would charge..If she gave me the wool to work with. NOW I have spoken to TWO people about this and one gave the same prices I myself was thinking. Another gave double what we were thinking. NOW I dont think its unreasonable to ask for $5 for a beanie for MY HARD EARNED TIME (Away from my house and girls..it takes me TWO days to do a beanie with everything else I have to do) and I asked $10 for a Poncho (which would take me LONGER and also take time away from spending time with my children and all that)...SO....after GIVING her these prices I have NOT heard back from her..Its been almost 2 weeks. So I contacted her the other day..STILL no reply...and she is STILL posting on the forum we are both in..I Think its BLOODY rude..AND totally unprofessional of someone to contact ME out of the blue...Make me find patterns she wants..Work out how much yarn is needed...How much I would charge for it all..AND add to that ask you guys for pattern help with that vest...To turn around and be freaken RUDE and ignore me! Ok now I have vented that (and I HOPE like hell she comes across it)..I will go! lol

Catch ya all later!!



  • At 12:23 am, Anonymous leah said…

    That IS rude. If she's changed her mind the very least she could do is tell you so. *pbhft*

  • At 3:10 pm, Blogger melissa said…

    i think your price was reasonable .. perhaps a little cheap .
    i know i see hand knitted beanies for a lot more .and would expect ponchos to be a lot more .
    maybe she got a shock .. maybe she wasnt expecting you to want to make a little out of it !!
    who knows . she'll contact you if she wants them and if she doesnt you can put her down as another of lifes" rudies "
    some people are just plain rude . no two ways about it .
    happy knitting


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