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Tuesday, 1 March 2005

I've Been Tagged Again!

I was tagged by Nikki-Shell

1. What was the last book you read or are reading? Tietam Brown by Mick Foley

2. Where did it come from (library, bookstore, gift, etc.)? library

3. How many books do you read per year? Depending on my mood anything from 10 to 30! If I am in a real reading mood (usually when I am not in a knitting mood) i read like crazy. Now that I am a mum I dont read half as much as I use to! SIGH

4. What is your favourite genre?Murder Mystery.

5. Who will you tag now? Vicki, Sharyn and Sharon

YAY its raining!! I love rain! Give me MORE rain!!

Last night I started and finished a little baby beanie made out of Heirloom Baby Wool! Stuff costs $3.30 a 25g ball. And I can get one newborn beanie out of one ball with some left over. Lovely stuff. Though no value for money if I plan on making and selling! lol I will take a pic and post tomorrow if I have time. I still havent finished the one sock. I also have a ribbed beanie to do before I have to take the whole little bag of goodies into the shop Thursday!

Dandy my darling watch your mail box! Parcel is ON ITS WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to have it off and travelling across the world!! I hope it gets to you in once piece..Sorry no pics :( I forgot to take the camera. Also I had been opened and resealed. I popped a nailpolish in for each of the girls...BUT because there is a flamable warning on them they had to come out :( Should have kept quiet and snuck them over. Oh I also didnt put the patterns in there. Didnt get time to do them but will run them off and mail them to you at some point in the near future (when we are near a photo copier).

Okies folks thats all for me tonight. I am getting a cold and not feeling the best..Sigh..Catch ya all later!!



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