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Wednesday, 16 March 2005

I cant feed Pudge, Tuna! I would Be An ABOMINATION!

Yes my girls are watching Lilo And Stitch..AGAIN!! Second time for today..Bet it wont be the last.

As for knitting. Yesterday I did 20 rows of the star on Hero. So now I have done 30 rows of it..And still not worth showing off...Who would have thought a star would take this long to look like anything!!

I have been doing no other knitting other then this star. Hoping to get back on later tonight with a picture of it looking a bit more like a star.

Got a great pick up today at Cash Converters! They had a Leap Pad for $29! It had no game..and needed new batteries..BUT we went and got it a Finding Nemo Game and new batteries..And while getting the game we priced the Leap Pad..they are $129! So we saved $100! BARGAIN! Harley loves it. I am hoping it helps her with her reading. Rachelle still isnt too sure what to do with it but she will get the idea. So now they have a Leapster (Harleys birthday pressie) and Leap Pad to share! Will have to buy more things for them so they get to use them heaps.

Okies. Thats all for me for now! Hopefully catch you a little later!



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