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Sunday, 13 March 2005

Harley and Rachelles Yarn

Harley and Rachelles Yarn, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

These are the colours that Rachelle picked the other day at Spotlight for her and Harley to "knit". Will have to teach them now (or at least Harley).

On other knitting news. Last night I finally got up to the star on the Hero jumper. Will try and get that all done tonight. Mind you its a 73row star so HUGE!

I have started another project. I know I am so naughty. But I did heaps of work on my UFOs!! So give me that! I am not telling what this new project is until its done (Dandy SHUSH!). Though its pretty cool. And Harley says she wants it already. I was thinking of putting it into the shop to sell.
I am hoping to get heaps more knitting done tonight. I would love to get the Star on Hero finished. And the back section of the baby cardi. But thats a lot of knitting! Will see how I go.

Nothing exciting to tell in non-knitting news. So wont tell anything. lol.

Okies folks. Until next time! Catch ya later!



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