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Friday, 25 March 2005

Happy Easter All

Well its Easter Friday. I have to say I am very proud of myself (Katt Purrs to herself happily...).

I worked out Wednesday Night that I only have 2mths and a handful of days to get a full jumper and a full cardigan and most of another jumper finished before winter sets in and people really want their orders! Sooooooooooo...Wednesday night I got stuck into Hero jumper. And I finished up the star on the front. Thursday I sat and finished up the front (all about 15 rows of it! lol). And then started both the sleeves. I finished up a ball that I was using..So put that sleeve aside and finished the other one last night. Then today I sewed it in and finished the second sleeve up and sewed that in. And YEP I FINISHED IT!!! *wipes brow and looks proudly at the jumper*...Now I have to make Hero again for Jordan this time (so a size or two bigger)..and then make Trixi for Chloe and I am done with the orders. I am hoping to at some point finish up Luka for Rachelle too. So I have a month per ordered item. And then hopefully a few days extra in there somewhere to finish Luka.

Man its cold here today. My fingers are cold. I will have to get Harleys Will Jumper blocked real soon so she can start wearing it and enjoying it. She put it on yesterday and didnt want to take it off. She loves it. I have to still get the zipper put in it (after its blocked). I dont think I will get Rachelle another jumper done this winter. But thats Ok I be thinking she will still fit into the last year ones (and she has a heap of hand down warm tops that were Harleys)..Harley is the one in need of warmer tops. I was looking around KMart at the lovely tops there. Its scary. She is only 5 (will be 5 1/2 by winter) but I have to look at the size 7 to 10 tops for her. She is so long in the torso. She wears size 6 pants.

Ok folks I be off now. Hope you all are having a lovely Easter Holiday!



  • At 9:30 pm, Blogger Jan said…

    Children are hard to fit. My youngest son was much like your dasughter I think. At 4, he could wear size 8 hand me downs.

    Eldest grandchild Andrew wass 6 a little while ago. He's very tall for his age but built like my Dad was. Totally up and down with no hips. Size 3 pants can fall off him. Clothes are very difficult,particularly now he's at school and needs uniform.


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