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Friday, 4 March 2005

Functioning Again

Ok I think I am alive again! I forgot to mention in my Wednesday addled minded post that I was only functioning on 3hrs sleep! Adam had to take Rachelle into Hospital Tuesday night cos she was suffering Croup again (worse then last time). Looks like munchkin might get asthma!! Will have to wait and see. So I was left at home. With Harley..I don't sleep well with Adam out of the house all night. Harley shared my bed with me so I wasn't totally alone. Mind you she hogged the bed and was grinding her teeth all night. She has got to stop doing that! She is going to have no teeth left! And its nasty on the ears.

Both my girls are next door at the moment. So I am getting a bit of a break from them. I am enjoying it to say the least!

NOT HAPPY with Doodleboard. They now charge you to have it. So I am gonna have to look around for another free one. I had a HEAP of posts on mine! Should send them hate mail..Nah..Cant be stuffed.

As for the knitting front. While talking to my best friend the other day (the Divine Miss T) I worked out what my strange little mind was calling the second cardigan in my UFO list! It wasn't a cardigan...noooooooooo..It was a child's Poncho!! So I did have 10 projects!! Now I have 6! I am working on one of the odd pairs of socks at the moment. Hoping to get them and the poncho finished before I start anything else new.

Went to one of my fave small local craft shops the other day that has HEAPS of yarn in it (probably over half yarn in it). And found out she is planning on closing down! She said to me "this time next year I wont be here. Would have had this shop for 10years" I know last year or the year before she tried to sell it but the sale went through. SIGH..Anyhoo for a bonus for me she is selling off some of the yarns (discontinued and novelty). So I grabbed up all her Merino Bambino (14 balls) in this GREAT green and 1 ball in a denim blue (what she called it) and only paid $15 ($1 a ball!) Makes me happy now ( wasn't overly happy when I missed the Bambino at Spotlight when they had it at $1).

We are all in various stages of colds here...Well except Adam! I swear its a male free cold! How can he live in a house of 4 and be the ONLY person NOT to get it!?!? Cos he is the only male and this cold only attacks females! It has to be the case!! LOL

Well thats all for me for today. Got nothing exciting to type about. Oooh Except my Grand Prix has started again this weekend!! YAY for me! Lol..I got into it last year when I was up at horrid hours of the night on weekends with cooking. Anyway catch ya round! Hope to have pics next time I am here!



  • At 12:23 am, Anonymous Leah said…

    Try Chatterbox:

  • At 10:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Glad to see u starting to be urself again. Just remember Adam getting sick would be the pits, remember women survive a cold, men die from them Mwahahaha. Sorry to hear Rachelle had a night at the hospital. Hope shes ok now. I be back at my own blog today maybe. Just resting my own old bod and trying to sort things out here. Its getting there ;)


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