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Monday, 21 February 2005

UFO Guilt

Ok I am suffering a little UFO guilt. My UFO pile has gone from like 3 or 4 things to a lot more! I now have 3 ODD pair of socks, 2 hats, 2 jumpers and 2 cardigans!! Sigh! So I have decided that I am going to try and get at least HALF the UFOs finished before I am allowed to start something else! You know the easiest would be the socks and hats. And you know thats probably the way I will go! BUT if I do go that way I am going to be hard on myself and make sure I finish at least ONE of the big projects too!

Speaking of said socks! I tried the little red sock on Sam yesterday..And guess what! IT DIDNT FIT!! Lol! So the socks that were going to be his, then Isaacs, then Sams again...are now going to be for the shop! Will have to make socks that fit Rachelle to fit BOTH Sam and Isaac too! Sam is like a year younger then Rachelle! So might not have to make those AS big..But still!

The little hat for the Think Pink Project is almost finished! I am loving it. And of course with my circular needle problem..This hat that is meant to be for ages 2-3yo...will Fit my 5yo too! Doesnt matter! Will make another one to fit Rachelle then so they can both have one! I wanted one for each of them anyway!

My Patons Bluebell yarn I bought off ebay turned up today! Its a pretty light pink. I have put it next to the bright purple and I am still not totally 100% sure they will match. I have plans on making Rachelle a hooded jumper with the body pink and the sleeves and hood purple (or maybe the body purple and the sleeves and hood pink?). Which would you have as the lighter colour? Might have to take a pic of the balls together and let the masses tell me what they think! lol

Okies folks! Thats all from me! Want to go and try and get this hat finished so I can post a pic of it today!

Catch ya around!!



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