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Thursday, 3 February 2005

Stash Enhancement

Stash Enhancment! I told ya I was going shopping!! There is 4 balls Purple and 4 balls Orange Woolable 50 (plan on making felted bags, well at least one), 6 balls Dark green Patonyle, 4 balls Purple/White/Brown and other colours striped Patonyle (Little did I know my hubby had bought 2 balls of this and gave to me last night as a treat for doing diet) 6 balls of Angora Supreme (also pressie from Hubby) and a ball of Magnum 12ply (to make a childs ribbed scarf).

I also bought some more yarn for Vicki (my swap friend)! She now is getting a few balls of different kinds of yarn from me! Also some patterns and maybe alittle something else to surprise her! LOL. Vicki will email you with my address. Cant wait for this swap to go through! I hope each out parcels get to where they belong!

As for on the knitting front! I started the first sleeve of Luka for Rachelle. I might start something else today. I dunno I started the sleeve..Didnt want to do the sleeve! LOL...Might get back to Hero for Isaac. I need to do a lot of that then start his sisters cardigan.

Okies folks I think thats all for now! Catch ya all later!



  • At 8:46 am, Blogger Sharon said…

    Wow I wish my hubby would buy me wool. He wouldn't know the first thing about it. Mind you he used to help his mother wind wool when he was a kid so maybe I am misjudging him. Oh and could you email me again the sock thingy I deleted my read emails, inc. yours which I wasnt finished with yet.


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