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Sunday, 6 February 2005


I am suffering from Startitis! Yesterday I started two pairs of children socks. A new pair for Harley and had to restart the pair for the little boy next door (I swear socks are starting to hate me)...The other day I started the sleeve for Luka...I am wanting to knit...BUT...Don't know what I WANT to knit..Probably will start the front of the Hero jumper today just to start another thing and see if that's what I want to be knitting.

I will probably go back to the socks though. Why am I in such a sock knitting mood? Maybe its subliminal peer pressure? There seems to be a LOT of people knitting socks at the moment..Maybe I am getting ready for Winter? I dont know. All I know is I want to knit them, yet..I sort of don't.

Lets not forget everyone that I have my WIP Guessing Competiton still on at the moment. Go and take a guess! It ends Tuesday. First right guess wins a surprise! ALSO if I have no way of contacting you it is best to be back here Wendesday so I can let the winner (if there is one) know who won..and Then they will have to contact me via email about their prize.

No pics for today. I have the WIP pic now that its done that I could pop on but you know...sorta defeats the purpose of having a comp then! lol

Tomorrow is Monday has gone to the Frogs day..Wonder if I will have anything to frog? Will have to wait and see wont we all?

Tuesday is the Launceston Stitch'n'Bitch meeting day. Cant wait to go! I enjoying going to these. Means I get time away from the kids...Get to see my best friend..And get to hang with other knitters...NOW if only I can work out something to take and DO I will be happy!! SIGH..

Okies folks thats all for now. Things to do! Catch ya all later! And remember PUT YOUR GUESS IN for the Comp!



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