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Sunday, 13 February 2005

Socks, Socks and Naughty Children

Last night I finished one of the socks for Sam next door..and I sat and stared at it...The socks will now be for Isaac..Cos I think Sams feet might be a bit small for it. Will have to see though. They might just fit him yet. I also reached the heel turn on Harleys second pair of socks. Hoping to get those finished tonight so I can start on the second pair. I have to say considering I was rather fond of the colour of the yarn I bought that Harley's second pair of socks are made from..Then as I was knitting I started thinking "mmmmm dont know if I like this after all" I am back to liking it. It is looking ok. And they are much smaller then the first pair i made in the rainbow (confirming that SOMETHING WENT WRONG)!!

I am strongly considering at some point soon starting some toe up socks. I have never done it before. and it would mean I would probably get a better fit. Will have to see though.

As for the naughty children front. Harley and Rachelle were fighting over what DVD they were going to watching this morning. Next thing Harley has come in the room and told me that Rachelle has BROKEN The Piglet Movie..Sure as hell the little shit had! She broke it from the center circle all the way out the the edge! LITTLE TROLL!!! She got into DEEP Trouble and sent to her room. Which she didnt like and screamed the whole time. I dont know what to do with her. She is so naughty when it comes to the DVDs and the VCR/videos! Adam told her if she touches them again he will smack her..I think she understood. Will find out though.

Okies folks! This is just a short one. Will post pics tomorrow I am sure! Thanks to everyone who has emailed or posted such lovely comments on how they enjoy my blog! I am glad to see you around! And I am glad that there are people out there enjoying it!



  • At 3:39 pm, Blogger Nichola said…

    What a little bugger! Hmm, i have all this to come. Oh no!

  • At 3:11 am, Blogger Marlene said…

    Thankfully I am through that age with my children, the youngest of which is now 20!

    I think you would really like "toe-up" socks. It's all I knit now. Not only does it do away with the fitting issues, but you can also use up every last bit of yarn if you wish.


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