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Monday, 7 February 2005

Sock It To Me Baby!!

So yesterday I did some work on Harleys new socks..and Sams..Not much..I didnt get offline until late. I am in a real sock mood..Now I am past the first few rows (I just dont like the first few rows..Dont ask me why) I am totally enjoying it. I might even start Adams socks once I have finished Sams..I only have two lots of the double point needles in the right size.

One things that bugs me...I have this GREAT pattern I so want to start..I have the yarn for it..I am set..I have the correct sized double point needles...BUUUUUUUUUUUT...I need FIVE of them not four!! And I only have 4 of the right size. I can see there will be a trip around op shops very soon to find some more..SIGH..I will look a little toolish carrying my needle sizer with me but you get that. At least its small and fits into my pocket.

Tomorrow is a very busy day for me! In the morning I am going to a friends place so the kids can play with her kids and I get mummy intereaction...Then there is the stitch'n'bitch meeting. I cant wait. Gonna enjoy it. Still not totally sure what I will be taking to knit. I dunno if my socks will be too high maintenance for me. After that I am going to my best friends place to get some NON-mummy interaction so I can feel like someone OTHER then a mother. I love my girls to pieces really I do..But I LOVE my time away from them when I get it (which isnt often I can tell you).

Also tomorrow is the end of the WIP Competition so last chance to get your guess in!

Weather is starting to warm up again around here. As long as it doesnt get back to the pre-cold weather weather I will be happy.

Adam told me about this blog site thats around. Aussies might enjoy it if they dont like our Prime Minister! Someone has created a Blog pretending to be John Howard (PM) and taking the piss out of him! Suppose to be funny stuff! If ya wanna check it out go here.

Tonight if I get busy I might actually FINISH one of Sams socks (the advantage of him only being 1). Harleys might take a little longer. Though Adam will be at work..Girls will be in bed after 8pm..I might get a lot of work done in those 3plus hours! Oooooooh and Crossing Jordan is back on tonight! So is cold case at the same time other channel! Thank goodness for VCRs!

Catch ya later!



  • At 3:51 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    Hi Katt, what size dp needles do you need, I know you only use steel, I have some here you can borrow, unless you find what you need, I'll take what I have along in my knitting bag tomorrow.


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