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Tuesday, 1 February 2005

Project 9 (1 to go)

Project 9 Complete one left for me to do! YAY!! Am hoping to get that one complete by tonight that way I would have done 10 in a fortnight. Will take a better pic of the bag when its dry. Mmmm looks like I have some pilling. Might have to empty my lint filter before doing more ;)

I cant wait to head into spotlight. Will have to wait until Thursday anyway cos thats the day that I get paid! Mmmmm what to buy...What to buy?!?!

What else has happened today? Harley stepped on some broken plate and cut her foot open, anyone would think half her foot was cut off. She is such a prima donna! Though I bet it bloody hurt.

After I have finished this last of my 10 projects I will head back and work on the Luka jumper for Rachelle..And the Hero jumper for Isaac (who tured 2 on Saturday). I need to get jumpers done! I mean we are in the last month of Summer now. Things will start getting hotter. Then I might do another 10 items. I am glad I have several shop stuff done. I need to do more (included more Cable and Rib Beanies).

I can recommened to anyone making anything felted to keep clear of Waverley Woollen Mill yarn. The stuff looks like it would felt well..Hell their blankets LOOK felted!!!! But the stuff takes FOREVER to felt..Not that it does that very well! I can do nothing but say GREAT things about Bendigo yarn though (as long as its not the machine washable stuff) its felts great.

I would love to say thank you to Amanda who said such nice things about me in her last blog post! :D

Okies..Thats all for me for tonight. Catch ya all later!



  • At 5:53 am, Blogger Amy said…

    Hope Harley's foot is better. Yikes. I'm still trying to remember that you are in summer and soon to be in fall winter!

  • At 8:05 am, Blogger Sharon said…

    I might just have to have a go at this felting caper, you have inspired me. It is probably a good thing that Waverly isn't as good as Bendigo, can you imagine it if it was. We would be broke.


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