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Wednesday, 2 February 2005

Project 10 is DONE!!!

Mwaahaahaaaa (evil Laugh)!! Project 10 is DONE (and its my own pattern)! And it only took me 2 weeks! Isnt Rachelle gorgeous in it? So all ten things are done! What will I be doing with myself? Well tomorrow I am going yarn shopping! Today though I plan on picking up Luka for Rachelle and starting the first sleeve. I have a plan for the bottom of the cuff. No Ribbing for me! Will show you a pic after I have done a little and see if I like it and then see if you all like it!

I am checking out a fellow bloggers ebay listing of yarn! I think I will make a bid or two! She has some lovely yarn! I am glad I finished the diet in time to get in there and buy! LOL. Just hope I win something.

I am glad to have the yarn diet over. Though I am also glad I did it. I got some much needed knitting done. And I may sound like some kind of punishment freak but I really enjoyed it. The challenge was good. I dont get challenged enough in my life. I am thinking about doing another one some time soonish (once I have gotten at least Luka finished maybe?).

WOW I cant get over the weather today! You know how I have been bitching for awhile about the weatherman lying about rain? Well it came last night...Sigh...And if I had known all it would take was me washing the pile of Woollens I had sitting in the bottom of the bathroom basket I probably would have done it sooner!! So NOW I have a machine half full of WET woollens wondering how to dry them. This house is PATHETIC for drying things. We have two clothes horses, in the middle of winter it takes THREE or more days to dry clothes on them...(unless we plant them RIGHT in front of the fire then we freeze more then normal). Glad I have a dryer (though we had to buy a new one of those late last year). Its really windy today too! I LOVE it though! I love this sort of weather! We have broken out the long pants and socks today! Still wearing short sleeve t-shirts though (if we left the house we might have to wear a little more).

Okies..I think thats all for me today!! Catch ya all later!



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