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Sunday, 20 February 2005

Neighbourhood Day Care

Ok so not really. And I did rescue Anna next door from having 4 kids there by ending up with 5 here in all! Its wasnt as bad as I thought it would be..HOW can 5 kids be quieter then my 2 (when my two were among the 5)?!?! I had the age range between 2 1/2yo and 6yo! Mind you was left with a collection after the three strays went home..Have the shoes of both the kids in one family..and the hat of the one in another family! Harley left her shoes at Jordans house (the one who left his hat here)! Sheesh! Good thing we all get along.

Knitwise...I have done none today. Had no time so far. Been out and when we came home had kids here from the moment the car stopped in the drive! Plan on trying to get the ordered beanie finished tonight while watching CSI and NCIS (must remember to tape both for Adam). Kids will both be in bed by then and SHOULD be going to sleep. Harley is back off to school tomorrow.

As for tomorrow. I will see how much further I can get in the second object I am making for the Think Pink thing. I will need 4mm double points so dont see myself getting too much farther into it. I have already gone from 1 4mm circ to 2 in hopes to get the shaping a bit better (I find knitting on a single circ makes my tension wrong and headwear ends up HUGE). Also best get back to the cardi for the Think Pink thing. Dunno when the whole knit along finishes..But am hoping to get a few things done during it.

Now a blog that I have been reading for a while that totally makes me smile is one that two blogs I frequent have mentioned so I thought I best too! lol. Always love to help blogs along to get more readers..Its Karma..If I do it for some that dont know it, I hope some do it for me that I dont know of! Buster N Me is a great blog! Kristo knitted a monkey after Chrissie. And you get to read the adventures the Monkey gets up to! Its great! Its a cheeky little devil too! Go check it out! Another blog I love to go visit cos the person who does it is such a lovely person! is Nikki-Shell Nichola is a great person and new to blogging so go check her out!

Today I did start dressing a Doll that I make. I hand sew these dolls fully (doll and clothes). Roda (one of the kids here today that left her shoes) is black to be frank..Her whole family is (the are from Sudan)...And I have three dolls that are made but with no hair, face or clothes in black. I offered to make one up for Roda today. She looked heaps keen..Probably rare for the kid to find a black doll to play with. Harley has a white one with white blonde hair, pink floral top and jeans. I let Roda go through my scrap yarn and pick a colour for the hair of her doll (she originally wanted white blonde like Harleys but I didnt have enough left so she ended up picking a BRIGHT red) and then she picked through my fabric for the clothes. I am making it a pink gingham top and a denim skirt (pink top with THAT colour hair I can hear you thinking..I thought the same thing..Not my choice though). I put the hair on it while she was here, might see if I feel up to doing the clothes for it tonight since we will be seeing her tomorrow morning cos Adam takes her to school with Harley every day. Doubt I will get it done though! lol.

Okies Folks thats all for me for today! When I get the doll finished I will pop a Pic of her one. She is my own pattern too! So Roda picked well! lol. Take care! Catch ya around.



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