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Monday, 14 February 2005

Monday Has Gone To The Frogs

19131948, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

It is with great regret that I annouce the passing of Harleys Rainbow Socks! THEY WERE BUGGING ME!! So today I have frogged them. They were too big. Something seriously went wrong with them when I knitted them! This was further noticeable when knitting the second lot in the same yarn (just different colour). So I have frogged them and I will knit them again for her after I finish this lot. I felt SOOOOO much better after doing it I can tell you! PHEW!

In other knitting news. I started a little something for a charity last night. I am happy with it so far but dont want to show it to you all until its done. I didnt get Harleys first sock finished cos I worked on this other thing. I might get it finished tonight if I am lucky (Harleys sock that is) but then again I might just work more on this baby thing for Charity. Its for a group called Gaurdian Angel. Its run by a chemist here as well as a real charity place (sorry brain fart moment). They send things off to poorer countries in winter to dress babies up to 2yo. I did a few things for them last year but am aiming for more this year. So I went off to Kmart and bought some acrylic today to work on some other stuff.

We bought a new VCR for the lounge room today. The old one was sooooooooo old that Adams Step Dad had it when he was single. Looks like its from back in the 80s!!! And it had no remote! So now we have a nice new shiny silver one with a remote! AAAAAAAAH our lounge room set is complete! :D

Okies..Thats all for now. Might get back and write some more later if I am not too busy!



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