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Thursday, 10 February 2005

Little bit of peace

Is what I need..My girls seem to be in an EXTRA annoying mood today...They have been to play with a friend today so I doubt they are bored..They borrowed some DVDs from her..Harley put the Lizzy McGuire one on then left the room through most of it..NOW she has the nerve to ask if she can watch the GARFIELD one NOW..I replied..YOU DIDNT EVEN WATCH THE LIZZIE ONE!!! she doesnt seem to care! *sigh*

On the knitting front..Done none today. Went out this morning and been busy since. Will be doing some of Harleys socks later I am sure..Though might have to get started on the ordered jumpers since we are in the last month of Summer.

A friend and I have created a new Knit along. Its called Socks Around The World a knit along for people knit socks. So if you want to join then leave us a post with your email address and we will let you in :D

Okies..thats all for me for today! If I get time might post more tonight!



  • At 11:06 am, Blogger Donna said…

    Much as we all adore our kids, aren't there just some days where you think "*Please* just leave me alone!" ;)
    The sock link isn't working :(


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