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Monday, 14 February 2005

Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines 2005, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Lookie what I got!! As well as Chockies I got this morning. They were delivered after Adam went to work today. On the card there was a little note (deliver after 3pm)! Sneaky little devil isnt he? He looked at some flowers but I told him not to get them..Looks like he went back and got them!

I LOVE them! I just love those kinds of flowers! He usually gives me one or the other of them each Valentines!



  • At 11:13 pm, Blogger Nichola said…

    Ooh, you are a lucky girl. I got zilch from DH and he the same from me. Although, i wouldn't have been upset if i'd gotten a suprise bunch of flowers! Oh well , there's always the hope of next year.
    As for your comment on the black dress, i have cut it at an angle at the bottom and that's it so far. The girl likes flowers so i'm thinking maybe some fabric ones attached, oh i don't know, it's making my brain hurt, why couldn't she send a t-shirt?

  • At 8:51 am, Blogger ttbookjunkie said…

    How pretty!


  • At 1:44 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    Who got spoilt then? I'm jealous let me tell you. Katt I couldn't link to the sock thingy I don't know why it just wouldn't let me. I then tried to type in the url and it said that it was wrong so I gave up:(


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