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Sunday, 27 February 2005

Guardian Angel Jumper

Guardian Angel Jumper, originally uploaded by Katt Wings.

Well the Guardian Angel Charity jumper is done. Just have to get two buttons for it.
There is two other finished projects below.
I must be going crazy! I thought I had two cardigans to finish! I only got one! My list of UFOs is now down to 3 odd socks, 2 jumpers and 1 cardigan! Hoping to get the odd socks done next! Then I will be down to THREE UFOs and will be over the moon! lol

Harley is sick. She woke up about 30 minutes ago coughing her guts up hardly able to breath! Thought it might have been croup. She can breath now that she has settled down. Doesnt matter that I rang Adam and got him to come home from work to take her to the hospital. He has just left to go back to work! SIGH. Dont know if she will be going to school tomorrow. I just hope I get some sleep tonight!

Okies folks! Catch ya all later! Hope to be back tomorrow with some other finished UFOs...Maybe a pair of childs socks? I have a baby one I would love to put into the shop with my other pile of finished shop projects!



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