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Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Babies? What Babies?

I have been keeping myself busy by working on the charity jumper for the Gardian Angel Charity thing. I am working on the front.

I bought a new book yesterday with some baby patterns in it. Has some GORGEOUS stuff! I am not usually a fan of knitted baby pants but this has some gorgeous ones. So last night I started a baby cardigan out of it for a baby girl. Now I know no baby girls..So this will probably end up in the shop to sell. I am planning on making the matching pants, and if I feel up to it the matching beanie aswell.

I finished the plain sock of Harleys the other day too. And started another pair in my own pattern. Seening how it runs then I might post it on my Sock along. Will have to get back to the socks soon. I have 2 1/2 odd pairs!! lol. Need to finish up some I think. The socks that were going to be Sams. Then cos I thought they were going to be too big so would give them to Isaac are now going to be Sams again! Isaacs foot is BIGGER then Rachelles even though he is 6mths younger!!! YIKES!

In other news. Harley starts school tomorrow. Got her all ready for it and all just gotta do her lunch and thats it. I dont know how Rachelle will cope with Harley at school 5 days a week. At least this way she has 2 days of this week to get use to it.

Rachelle fell down the other day and bruised up above her tooth at the front middle. Also ripping that little bit of skin a bit that goes from the inside of the lip to the gums. Bled a bit. She is ok now. I am a little worried about the tooth though will see if anything happens. Doesnt seem to wabble at all.

Okies just a quick one from me tonight. I have a phone call to make. Catch ya all later!



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