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Tuesday, 4 January 2005

What A Day...What A NIGHT!

Well I have had an interesting past 24hrs! I finished up the things I needed to sew for the three Baby Borns (like a good little mummy). But it was late at night. So I thought since we were only seeing one of the friends tomorrow I would only get her stuff finished. So I was up until 2am last night finishing up a feather beanie and a pair of socks for this doll.

Side note: We are all sick here..We all have colds! FUN

Rachelle woke up at about 4:30am coughing. Adam went into get her (he is on the door side of the bedroom)...I told him to bring her in to us. He brings her in and she can hardly breath!!! PANIC!!!!!!! So I tell Adam to get dressed he is taking her into the hospital. So he does. I call him at about 6am he tells me she has croup! FUN...He is stuck in there until about 1pm until they let her out. By then I had rang the friend whos little girl I was making the Baby Born stuff for telling her we cant make it cos Adam has the car and Rachelle is in hospital. GREAT didnt need to be up until 2am after all did I? There goes my sleep! So we make plans for the arvo on the exception of if her mother comes over (her mother and I dont get along...for the simple fact she is a TOTAL religious freak and thinks I am the devil). I get an sms at about 3 saying lets make it next week cos her mother has turned up.... Now whats that saying? "No good deed goes unpunished!!!!"

In the end all is good..I had to make a new Beanie for the doll cos that one wasnt big enough...It is now living on the much smaller head of Rachelles Premie Cabbage Patch Doll. Rachelle is fine again..We have some medication to give her the next two mornings.

Now onto my BETTER part of the day! Kmart has this sale on at moment that ends tomorrow. They have yarn included in it. I think it's 35% off. So I picked up some yarn (a nice beige colour for a mans beanie to sell..and some nice baby yarn to make a few little things to sell). I ALSO got a rather great bargain! They were getting rid of cable needles. I picked up FOUR double packs for 35c each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also got a small crochet hook (2.5mm or something like that) for about 60c (should have gotten more of those). So my rather disasterous day has turned out ok..

Add to the fact now though that its PELTING down with rain! I LOVE rain..Except when we are sick and have to go out. Strange summer we are having!

I forgot to mention the other day that we took the girls to see the Incredibles! It was great! Highly enjoyed it.

Okies folks have to head off. Catch ya all later! I have a mans beanie to make and some other things. Rainy days are GREAT for knitting!



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