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Friday, 14 January 2005

Tietam Brown

Thought I would do a post about the book I finished reading yesterday. Its by an author Mick Foley. This book took me 2 days to read it in. I enjoyed it (though it is a little strange). Though I can say it probably isnt everyones cup of tea.

I think the main reason I enjoyed the book so much is because I am a wrestling fan (have been since I was 10) and the Author himself is a former WWE Wrestler. I love Mick Foley! I have read all his books that he has out (except his new one just waiting to get my hands on that).

Tietam Brown is different from all his other four books though. Two of them are about his life as a Wrestler and two are Childrens books. This one is an adults fiction though. And being a wrestling fan I would have to say that knowing the Mick Foley I have seen over the years on the tv this book probably wouldnt be as good if you knew NOTHING about him. I found myself while reading it having his voice reading it in my mind. There is definately a Mick Foley/Cactus Jack/Mankind/Dudelove feel about this book that would be lost if I knew nothing about the man.


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