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Wednesday, 5 January 2005

This, that and was there something else?

I would like to start tonights post off with would anyone like a 2 1/2 year old and a 5year old...BOTH my girls are being BRATS tonight..its 10:00pm!! And BOTH are still awake and keep getting out of bed.

As for knitting...I finished up two feather beanies for Baby Borns....And now cant find the damn yarn I put aside for the third one! I also started a mans beanie last night too. That whole getting into stuff to put into the shop for winter so I can devote time to stuff for the girls...I have done a BIG ONE ROW!! lol..It was late what can I say..At least its started (which at times I hate doing).

I went back to Kmart today and picked up some more baby yarn. Now I have 8 balls of baby yarn added to my stash (so much for NOT buying yarn for a bit). Its Big Baby brand..Cost me under $18 for 6 balls..I paid about $1.91 each ball..Happy DAYS! lol..Now I can make some baby stuff for the shop.

Okies..Apart from those few mentioned things I have been doing some trashing of my house..I mean reorganising! lol...Getting there slowly...

I think that will be all for me tonight! Catch ya all later!



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