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Monday, 24 January 2005

This Monday Has Gone To The Frogs

Yes I did say FROGS!! As in the Frogging kind.. DH mother gave me a few months ago a rather.....well....Mother-In-Law like cardigan and told me to "pull it apart and make something for the girls" Well how kind of her..If it wasnt for the fact there was a stain near the collar of it which granted wasnt big but did waste a few rows. So today I decided to frog it (all along thinking that she could have just BOUGHT me some wool from a shop)...I have done one side of the front and started one of the sleeves.

I have done a few rows of the mens cable and ribbed beanie..Over half way with the ribbing now. I probably wont finish frogging tonight and will end up trying to finish all the ribbing so I am onto the main part of the beanie for tomorrow.

I am so proud of Rachelle today. She had a nap and didnt piddle in her nappy. Now if we can just get ALL day organised and have her trained I will be fine. I dont mind her wearing a nappy at bed at night if she is day trained. She is just being lazy.

Adam has been working so hard this week. His weeks at work go from Wednesday to Tuesday. By the time he finished work last night he had done 48hrs work! He hasnt had a day off. He is working today (has been at work for 7hrs so far so we are looking at at least 55hrs more if he works tomorrow..and I think he will! DAMN good pay since they are too stupid to put him on full time so he gets ALL this on casual rates!!). Mind you when the new boss takes over they will probably put him on full time just to pay him less!

Well I think that will be all for me for tonight. No there is no pics. Aaaaaaaaaawwwww!! Catch ya all later!



  • At 5:58 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    aaahhhhh toilet training, remember it well. Before you know it she will be over that stage in her life. In my last job(seems like a lifetime ago-pre kids) I used to get payed casual rates. Stuff the holiday/sick pay give me casual rates any day.


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