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Sunday, 16 January 2005

There Started!

Ok So I am not such a bad girl now! I started one of the 10 items! With that lovely sock yarn I started a pair of socks for Harley yesterday. I have almost finished one of them (will finish that one up today and start the second one). When I get at least one finished I will take a pic and show you all! I have tried it on her foot a few times. She LOVES it! I wasnt too sure. I love how the heel looks totally different from the rest (has a little pooling) I was hoping for more pooling but with it going around and around its hard to do! lol

I then, after getting that all done, plan on making Rachelle a pair of mittens. Maybe do some beanies for the shop. I would LOVE to get started a jumper for my mother for Mothers Day! BUT cant buy yarn for it until I do my 10 items! Talk about giving myself a good reason to knit lots! Though also the thought last night that it is exactly half way through summer and I wanted heaps of stuff to put into the shop by the time the weather got cold is another good reason to get my butt moving. That and I wanted to get two jumpers for one friend, one for another for their children..PLUS get some jumpers finished for MY children! Harley now has one, Will (after I block it..which I will do one day..HONEST)..But I want to get at least one more made for her before winter totally sets in. So I guess its hitting the needles hard time for me. So with the thoughts that at least 5 childrens beanies have to me made by Winter (sizes from 2 to 5) I must get moving. Granted Rachelle has 1 Jumper (Luka) and 1 Cardigan started by me so I only have to finish those. And one of those 5 above mentioned ones I have done the back of (Hero Jumper) I still have to get moving! I want to finish Hero (for Isaac)..make Hero again (for Jordan)..Make Trixie (for Chloe, Isaacs big sister), Make another one for Harley and maybe another for Sam (Jordans little brother). I have one picked for Harley..Cant think of the name of it for the moment though..Hang on will go look. Sweet is the name of the one I want to make Harley (it can be done in a cardigan or jumper I want to do it in a jumper) Also want to make Sport for Rachelle (a ribbed Cardigan). These are all Rowan patterns by the way! lol. I was asked the other day if the names I use are ones I created for the patterns..No they are not.They are name Rowan gives them.

Ok I have put links to the names of the jumpers/cardigans I want to knit! Fancy that when I found out the ones I thought were from one book were actually from another! Plus I am not using the yarn they say..Mostly using Bendigo yarn or acrylic (I am no Yarn Snob). Ok now I have gone link happy I think I will go! Hope to hear some imput on the jumpers/cardigans I am looking to make! Wanna know what everyone thinks of them!



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