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Saturday, 29 January 2005

Project 8 done (OMG)

Felted Bag Project 8 done! I am so happy I actually got a felted item done with this lot of 10! I have always wanted to make a felted bag. So here was my chance. She is a sort of adaption of one I came across online. I dunno if I should run her through the felting process again. She didnt shrink much and I can still see the stitches on her (are you meant to be able to if they felted right?). She was in there for 20 minutes!! Adams poor jeans done know what hit them!

Yarn I used...Bendigo Woollen Mills Columbine and Waverley Woollen Mills Hot Pink. The Columbine felted up real well the Hot pink not so much. So I have learnt that Bendigo felts great..Waverley not so great. Something there for everyone. Rachelle has seen the bag and wants one. I told her she has to wait until after my yarn diet so I can buy more wool to make her and Harley a bag each! She said 'thank you' (she is so cute). I was worried about the Columbine since it was a flecked yarn it might end up grey..But it didnt its a nice purple and you can still see a little of the fleck (should have been more worried about the Hot Pink). I was actually worred that the whole thing wouldnt felt at all after all the work I did. I made her all today. I tell you there will be a lot of people getting Felted Bags from me for their Birthdays or Chrissie this year! Now I have to wait for her to dry. She is big enough for my to take knitting projects (as long as they arent huge) around in! Nothing like advertising your work!

I am so happy that I only have two projects to do before I can go buy more yarn! And to make it better I have BOTH those two projects started (not much done but started all the same!). I am wondering if I will make it in under the two week mark for all 10. Being motivated by Spotlight and their yarn sale sure the hell helps get things done! lol

Okies..Thats all for me for now! Catch ya later!



  • At 4:45 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    Love the bag, I have never felted anything before (intentionally that is). You have flown through the diet, what willpower!!!!! Lookout spotlight here she comes.


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