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Sunday, 23 January 2005

Project 4 DONE!!!

Project 3 and 4 together on Harley! I am so happy to have up to 4 done. I finished the mittens last night. I still dont know if we will keep them or give them away as a set to someone. Getting them away from Harley will be impossible.

Actually I am glad I finished them last night. Cos today has been spent re-arranging the girls bedroom and doing a major tidy up. Looks good now. There are plastic boxes (thanks to Chickenfeed) of toys under Harleys bed. Hopefully this winter I will be able to pick bunkbeds for them to share and that will make more room still in there for them.

I have done a few more rows of the Mens Cable and Ribbed beanie though. So that MIGHT be finished within the next few days (though dont bet on it..will probably dabble at it and work on other things too).

Today was so warm I took the girls next door and let them play with the little boys over there in the little shell pool they have. Might have to get Adam to see if he can put their little one up if the cats havent put a hole in it.

Someone I go to the Launceston Stitch'n'Bitch with has started up her own blog. Sharon's blog can be found HERE.

Okies folks I think thats all from me today. Havent been up to much so until next time!



  • At 7:34 am, Blogger Sharon said…

    Thanks Katt for the plug, and well done on another finished item, you are really churning them out now, you will soon be able to buy some more yarn. I have a little problem you may be able to help me with I would like to join the Aussie & N.Z. ring that you all belong to, but can't quite figure out how to add the flag symbol to my blog, Donna has emailed it again to me, but as I am still on my Ls with computers I am a bit confused. Any help would be appreciated, Sharon.


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