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Saturday, 22 January 2005

Project 3 of 10 is done!!

I am really cruising through them now! As you can see by the pics below the 'Condom Beanie' is complete! Cos I used a different pattern and altered it to what I wanted its a tad big..I can fit into it if I want!! But it looks good on both girls so thats all I care about! (Note: I think Rachelle was going for a MODEL look or something! She did it all on her own!)

Project 4 has been started. I am making mittens to match said condom beanie! I am looking forward to getting them done cos I think they will look really nice (and added bonus this set will suit any 3yo to about 10yo I recon! At least 7yo! Harley has mittens I made from same ply yarn and they will fit her for a few years. The beanie will sure the hell fit any teenager who wants to look like a condom though).

At some point I will get back to the mens Ribbed and Cable beanie and get that finished as part of the 10 items. I am hoping to have all 10 finished by the end of Feburary (mid Feb if I am lucky).

Rachelle has decided if I give Harley the condom beanie (I have enough of the yarn to make Harley a jumper. Thats the original reason why I bought it. I bought too much cos its best to have too much then not enough) then I have to make her one aswell. I am thinking about killing 2 birds with 1 stone and making a pair that match her Mittens that she already has saving myself time from making her another pair! Cheater I know!

I must say I am displeased with the Teenage Men in the world at the moment. SOME little scums (if I found them I would hurt them) decided it would be fun to set alight my FAVOURITE op shop at unGodly hours this morning! $2Million in Damages..The whole place has to be rebuilt (even the structure is unsafe). This was the MAIN depo for things to come in for that line of Op Shops (Thrift Shops for people who dont know what an Op Shop is). I was planning on going to mine today to check the range of jumpers for when I can buy yarn again (to frog them for Yarn Harvest). They said on the news that there had been a HEAP of things bought in just after Christmas that is now gone.

Okies I think thats all for me for now! Hoping everyone is having a great weekend! Catch ya all later!



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