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Monday, 3 January 2005

Only a Littlie

Not doing a big one today. I havent done any knitting for a few days. Acutally yesterday and today I have been sewing up dolls clothes for Harleys Baby Born (and two other baby borns that belong to her friends). I am HOPING to get a little knitting done tonight though after I get three tops finished up (which I am hoping to do within 2 hrs). I want to make the Baby Borns a feather beanie each as well as a pair of socks (Harleys doll already has socks just have to make them for her friends). I did well yesterday. Made two pair of pants (1 pair of track pants and 1 pair of cord pants) each as well as a skirt each for the dolls yeasterday. Today I have made a windcheater for them. Now working on a long sleeved top in knit yarn (what tshirts are made from). Then hopefully beanies...and socks..Dont see them all getting done tonight though. We are seeing one of the friends tomorrow so as long as I get hers done I will be happy.
See told you it would be a short one! lol

Okies Catch ya all later!



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