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Wednesday, 19 January 2005

One of Ten Done!

Well Harleys socks are made! Will post a pic of them later when I can get her to sit still long enough to put them on and take a pic. I love them! They are so bright! I have now started a pair of socks for the little boy next door. And plan on starting a pair of mittens for Rachelle too. I want to get through these 10 things fairly fast. I want them done so I can go buy yarn to make my mothers jumper for Mothers Day (Will probably take me until then to get it knitted, add to that I have to find a pattern for her). So now both my girls have some mummy made socks for winter! I cant want until winter so they can wear them now! lol

The party yesterday that Harley and Rachelle went to was good. They had lots of fun and Rachelle is getting heaps better on her bike. I am so proud of my little bunny! Harley on the other hand is scared of her bike (it is a little big but is meant to be for ages 5 to 7 and she is now 5). They had fun and the devils even manager to get to sleep before 10pm last night (for time for almost a week I can tell you).

Good grief I went looking through my yarn stash yesterday to see what yarn I have. I started to feel bad for having SO MUCH YARN that isnt being used! I think after this 10 (and after buying yarn to make mums jumper) I might try making 15 things before buying more. I should really get a heap of that yarn used! I have so much of it. Yes I am one of those guilty of a large stash knitters..You can hear it now..Me talking to myself...

"There are poor people in Canada that are FREEZING now that would give their right arm for some of your stash my dear! Just enough to make a beanie or a pair of mittens! You GREEDY GIRL!"

So I think a yarn diet will be good for me! I need to do it to clense myself! LOL

Okies..I will catch ya all later when I post the sock pic!



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