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Wednesday, 12 January 2005

Not even hot weather can stop me!!

Well I finished Lukas front. I must say I am looking forward to getting this jumper finished, I think it will look great..BUT I am so not looking forward to sewing away the ends. I also did some of the Hero jumper at the yesterday Stitch'n'Bitch meeting. It is all coming along well.

Wow yesterday was a warm one! Though probably not as warm as half the mainland Australia (if not all of it). I hate hot weather! Would be happy if it stayed at a max of 25degrees Celcius! But I dont get a say.

Thanks to Sharon for giving me the heads up on the Bendigo Calispso too before I knit it up and wash it! Would hate to go through all the effort of dying it and knitting it for it to go screw ball on me! lol

Also thanks to Cathy for bringing those knitting patterns for me to look at yesterday. I might have to get you to bring them back to the next meeting so I can run them down the road a little and get some copies whipped out! Some of them I was rather fond of!

A friend of mine is doing a Charity Yarn Diet! In it you have to knit 20 projects with yarn you already have before you can buy anymore yarn (as well as give $10 a month to a charity). Now I like this idea. I am contimplating trying it for myself. I LOVE the idea of doing 20 projects before buying more yarn (mind you the knitting isnt for a charity unless you want it to be). I am one of those rare breeds of knitters who feel GUILTY for having so much yarn in my stash that isnt used. THOUGH having said that I cant help myself but buy more. So i might try myself on half the diet. I will try and get 10 items made before buying more yarn, which isnt so hard for me since I bought a heap last week (I am thinking maybe small projects to start with like mens beanies and some kids mittens to see if I can do it). If I can cope with that I might jump right in with a full diet! Its not like I dont have enough yarn! I got more 8ply yarn them you can poke a stick at. And if I get some projects done I can pop them in the shop fixing two problems at once!

Okies folks I think I will be off now! Catch ya all later!



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