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Friday, 14 January 2005


Hello folks. How are you all doing today? I am good. Weather is starting to get a little warm down here. But not as bad as most parts of mainland Australia.

I have almost finished the back of the Hero jumper for Isaac. It never stops amazing me how when I make a jumper for my own children it always takes 3times longer then making a jumper for someone elses child! WHY is that so? Isaac wears the same size as Rachelle pretty much so its not like I am making smaller jumpers (Well I do for Sam).

Ok I have to admit I failed at even the THOUGHT of not buying yarn until I made 10 knitted items! SIGH..This is why I have a weight problem! You throw anything my way with the word DIET in it and I fail!! Though to my defense!! I only bought yarn that I had been wanting for over 6mths and when I heard that it was discontinued I had to jump into action! I had two patterns planned for it so I couldnt just leave it with a "OH WELL ITS FATE"! So now having indulged in some stash enlarging yarn (its all going to go to my hips! Or more Adams and Jordans since I am going to make jumpers for them with it) I have gone back to my I WILL MAKE 10 ITEMS before buying more!! Mind you this clashes with my "work on one project at a time thing too but hey I cant work on the three jumpers until the end before I buy more yarn can I? I dont think so!!!

I have come across a rather nice site where you can get patterns for free! They have a really nice felted roll hat that I want to make. Here is the link to the site. I love sharing sites of free patterns!

Also if you can Crochet (Cathy Thinking of you here!!) I have this site to share. Its a friends of mines blog. She designs crochet patterns herself. She is Canadian (so there might be some terms that are different then what we use here in Australia). Vicki is a lovely person and I have known her for years.

Okies with that sharing done I think I will be off now! Catch ya all later! Hope you all have a great up coming weekend if I dont make it back on! LOL



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