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Monday, 10 January 2005

Lets Talk About....

Today I want to talk to everyone about Debbie Bliss and Rowan Patterns. Now when I first came across Debbie Bliss I fell in love with her patterns. They were modern. They were cool...They were better then the stuff my mother had from the 60s and 70s!! Then I found Rowan patterns..Now THESE are nicer then Debbie Bliss ones so I have found (or maybe I am just looking at old patterns done by Debbie Bliss). I am not bagging out Debbie Bliss and her patterns. I have found some of hers I go WOW I LOVE THAT over but Rowan has some WONDERFUL patterns! I go through their books with a LOT of ooooooooooohing and aaaaaaaaaaaahing...BUT I have the problem with them that most of the patterns are too short in the body! My 5yo daughter (who granted isnt SHORT but still) going by the LENGTHS of these patterns should be in a size 10 plus! WHAT THE!?!? I dont like these jumpers that dont cover the butt. I like them to at least go half way down over it. It just looks better and keeps them warmer.

Also another problem I have is WHY DONT WE HAVE PATTERN DESINGERS LIKE THIS IN AUSTRALIA!?!? I mainly go for kids patterns (being as about 90% of the knitting I do is for children). Jo Sharp is good..Granted I have never come across a pattern done by her for Children But there alone is a problem. Debbie Bliss and Rowan are so easy to find.

Ok thats my rant for the day. If anyone can help me out finding some good Aussie patterns for children that are modern let me know.

Recent knitting done by me...Well I have totally finished up the baby born beanies and scarves and socks. Today I plan on hitting the LUKA pattern for Rachelle again. Maybe the Hero pattern for Isaac. Though I really should get back to working on stuff for the shop for winter. They seem to sell mens beanies so well over this time I should be working on those (I have the yarn sitting here BEGGING me to do something). And I wanted to get some childrens jumpers/cardigans in by then. Might have to devote some time to working on some instead of spreading myself thinly!

Catch ya all later!



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