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Sunday, 9 January 2005

I'm Spinning Around...

Ok so I am still alive. Though it may be hard to believe! LOL

Yesterday Harley went to a birthday party of a school friends. Hope turned 6. So since Harley told me she has a baby born. And since I have been doing it baby born clothes I thought I would make her a feather beanie and scarf for her doll. So I did..And we bought some other things. Sufice to say some people should think about having a party outside in the heat of day with small children. We all got sunburnt!

Harleys little boyfriend next door has broken out with Chicken Pox. Now I am at the delema do I let my girls get it from him since they havent had it? Or let them get it naturally? Jordans mother has never had it so I am feeling sorry for her at the moment if she gets it! YIKES

I am up to the raglan armholes on the front of Rachelles LUKA jumper. Getting there slowly with everything else I am doing. Cant wait to get the main body finished so I can start the sleeves. I am actually really looking forward to getting this jumper finished. Then I might look into finishing up some of the other projects I have on the go (the jumpers for friends kids...the Socks for Harley..the Mens beanie for the shop...The childs beanie to go with the ribbed scarf for the shop..Rachelles cardigan...The list goes on).

Okies. I think that will do for me now. Another short one. Will try and get on tomorrow with more. Catch ya all later!



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