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Monday, 17 January 2005

Dandy This One is for You (and other stuff)

Hey chickie! This whole post is dedicated to you (and maybe a little bit of other but mainly you! lol).

I had a thought the other day. Would you like to do some yarn trading? As in I send you some yarn from Australia and you send me some from Canada? I have some here already that I picked up today with you in mind if you want to do it (if not I can work something out for it). I didnt fail my yarn buying thing before anyone points that out! This is NOT for me! This is for someone elses stash!! Its 100% wool in a wild pink. I can take a pic of it and post it if you want to see. I got 4 balls at 50g a ball..they recon there is approx 100yard each ball. I was thinking when I got them that there would be enough to make the girls a beanie each? Its also Double Knit (or 8ply as we call it here).

Let me know.

Onto other things. I have finished up one sock. About upto the Heel turn (which takes on a WHOLE new meaning when you are a Wrestling fan) on the second one (hoping to finish it tonight). Looks like I will be getting a pair of socks for Harley out of one ball! YAY. Will get a photo of them when they are done. I just dont have the time today with everything going on (I am helping a friend whos son is having a birthday tomorrow).

Catch ya later!



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