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Friday, 21 January 2005


Well today I started a new project in my ever list of 10 projects to make before buying more yarn. I did several rows on the men's Cable and Ribbed Beanie too but got bored with that. Its going to take forever! Sigh.

So today's started project Adam (my DH) affectionately calls the 'Condom Beanie' (its a stocking stitch rolled brim beanie with a stalk). When he saw the first one I made he said "Its a CONDOM! Even has the tip bit!" SIGH...MEN!!!!!!! So I have started one for Rachelle...Well it MIGHT be for Rachelle...It might also be a pressie for a little girl thats the same age as her :D We will see when its done...It will ended up being modelled on Rachelle anyway. I am actually hoping it looks as good as the baby ones I made cos I have some interest in those for older kids.

From the sounds of it the YARN TRADE between myself and Dandy is a go! YAY! I cant wait to get some yarn from the other side of the world! I have always wanted to do a yarn swap! lol I am also glad that Dandy loved the yarn I got for her! HEY DANDY HOW ARE YOU HUN!! (note: Dandy is one of my freezing Canadian Friends...I would love to visit there...But NOT in winter!!).

Okies only a short one from me tonight! Hope you all have a great weekend! Will hopefully be back before the end of it posting some more Finished Diet Projects!



  • At 7:59 pm, Blogger Sharon said…

    You are sticking to your diet, I admire people who have willpower!!!! Me I have none. Your family will be getting lots of nice new knitted things so they will be rapped I am sure.



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