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Sunday, 30 January 2005

Better Pic

Better Pic of THE bag. I re-tossed her into the Machine today and felted her again. She looks much better. And yes I am referring to her as "SHE" cos she has taken on a personality of her own! She is now sitting with a cereal box inserted into her upside down to "block" her to have a flat bottom..I'm sure she will forgive me when she looks all pretty. She did get smaller after the second felting. Looks much better (went down a cereal box size). I pinched the Project in a Tree from Amanda hope you dont mind dear I told you I liked it! Though didnt end up using my Walnut tree for it! lol

As for my other two projects? Well I havent gotten to do any of the beanie today. And as for the Secret Scarf..Well I am considering putting it aside until the 10 projects are done cos its dragging me behind. I am hoping to finish all 10 by Tuesday. Cos that means I would have done all 10 in TWO weeks! I might make another bag to replace it (since I did the last one in one day). I went through a mixed bag for 8ply yarn today and found I have several 100% wool ones..So I can go different colours. Will have to buy some bleach to test if the rest is pure wool or not though. Just want to make more! I even have the Bendigo picked out to make the girls (well after I get the order in! LOL)...

As Sharon says! LOOK OUT SPOTLIGHT HERE I COME! By wednesday they are MINE!! Speaking of Spotlight..Did everyone know that they have set up on the eftpos that if there isnt enough money in your account they can OVERDRAW your bank account? And if you are with Commonwealth bank they then turn around and slap you with about a $30 to $50 fee? Stupid idots! And it wasnt our fault it happened to us! When Adam had gotten petrol TWO weeks before the eftpos was down so they took details...Said by the end of the week the money would be taken out...TWO weeks it took them! So Boxing Day when we happened into Spotlight thinking there was money still in the account there WASNT! WE got refunded by the bank when Adam rang them and abused them ;)

Ok on that pleasant note! I will be off!



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