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Thursday, 30 December 2004

Devils Play Toy

Well havent done much knitting today. Been doing some much needed house work. I know the Devils play toy..Needs to be done though. I had HEAPS of washing that needed to be done..Well I am mostly through it now! YAY.

As for my knitting though..I have decided to tackle a strange idea to see if it works..PLEASE if anyone knows if it DOESNT let me know before I get too far into it (like finish it) and find out the hard way. I have decided to scale down Children size patterns to make for Harleys Baby Born....As in I am taking size 0 to 1 8ply cardigans/jumpers and making them with 3ply yarn on a lot smaller needles...I only started one last night..Havent gone too far into it..Its a cardigan I want to make for Rachelle so this will be a mini trial LOL

Adams work has him working New Years Eve night (so he will probably be there until about 1am if not after)...THEN they want him to work the FOLLOWING morning starting at 6:30am!! I mean for CHRIST SAKES he is going to be lucky to get 4hrs sleep! I am telling him to take a room if there is one free that night and just stay at work..Saves him having to travel home and back in there..Gives him a little extra sleeping time..Poor thing is going to be STUFFED at the end of it! He is going to start at 3pm Friday and finish at 3pm Saturday with probably not much sleep in the middle...I bet he doesnt get a major bonus in his pay for this either.

Okies just a short one for me today people. PLEASE if doing the actual sized things smaller is NOT a good idea someone let me know before I get it finished?!?!? Catch ya later!


Wednesday, 29 December 2004

Wow I survived..I think!

Well I think I survied Christmas! Well I think I survived..Let me just check....mmmmmm...Yes I think I have all my body parts still.

The girls got totally spoilt rotten! Especially Harley who over a week got a heaps of things between her 5th birthday and Christmas. I did well to! I got a foot spa! Mmmmmmmmmmmm it was nice.

I have been a good girl and have been knitting a bit! I made Harley a pair of socks for her baby born she got for Christmas. I have also been working on Rachelle's Luka pattern. Working also on a Rowan Hero for my friends child.

I have to say the Coca-Cola Ham was VERY NICE!!! Mind you that was on the same day when it was warm..Then next day when it was cold wasnt so nice. We will be making it again for sure (though with a smaller ham and maybe more people! LOL).

I bought a pattern today at Spotlight. A FABRIC pattern! Yes I have corssed over to the dark side..Actually I have done both sewing and knitting for as long as I can remember (I remember making clothes for my sisters barbies). So I get this pattern today. They have a 50% off paper patterns sale (plus 10% if you are a Spotlight member which I am)...Its a cute pattern to make dolls clothes. I plan on trying my hand at making clothes for this baby born (cos at the moments its just cheaper and easier), as well as Rachelle got a Cabbage Patch Doll for Chrissie I will make clothes for that too..And a friends daughter has a baby born I might make some clothes for too if I am feeling nice!

I am fasinated by my next door neighbours new front door. I can see it from where I am sitting. Its one of those doors that can have the top half only opened (which it is now!)...

Okies folks I think I might be off now! I know there was more I was going to say but do you think I can think of it now? Sigh always the way!

Hope you all had a great Christmas (and thanks to those of you who contacted me wishing me a great Chrissie) and Hope you all have a terrific New Year!


Thursday, 23 December 2004

OMG there is only 2 days!!

2 Days Until Christmas
Ok I am now happy to say I have gotten ALL of my pressies..And several of them have been handed out! I have to say I am looking forward to it all being over. Tomorrow I have to learn how to cook a Chrissie Ham...I am probably going to do it Coca-Cola ham style Ah-La Nigella does it! Even bought a 2l of Coke today to do it (we dont drink Coke).

I FINISHED WILL!!! I am so happy that I have finished knitting this damn thing! I have sewn it up and all! Have to get a pic of Harley in it before I block it and again after its done. She loves it (though knows that I plan on making it "thinner and longer" when I block it). I have started a jumper for my friend for her children for next year. Its another Rowan pattern. This one is called Hero. Think its from the Junior book. I am doing it in Bendigo Denim Mix yarn. I am very impressed with this colour. Like it alot.

Harley had her 5th Birthday on the 19th. She got so spoilt!! Add to that we went down to St Helens for the weekend to visit Adams dad and his side of the family. Had a good time. The girls got spoilt more with pressies for Chrissie and Harls birthday pressies. I dont think Harley needs anymore pressies!!! She has so many! She had her birthday party at Maccas on the 18th of Dec. There was like 15 to 20 kids there in the end. It was LOUD!!! Though both the girls had a great time.

Okies folks! If I dont get back on before Chrissie I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!


Thursday, 16 December 2004

This, That and OMG so soon!?!

9 Days Until Christmas!

Dandy Sweetie I know you are looking for a knitting pattern. Here is a place I often go to an look around for patterns. There is heaps of different ones for different things (just click on the free patterns)! Also you could check THIS place...They have lots..Some really nice..It has an archive you can go through too.

Ok. Harleys will is almost done. I am onto the contrast of the collar. Once that is done I have to get a zipper, put the zipper in and block it and its done. I will take a pic of Harley in the jumper before its blocked (gonna block it BEFORE the zipper is put in) and a pic of Harley in it AFTER its blocked.

I have to share a bag pattern that I love! WHEN I get time I will make it. My younger sister has just made it. And loves it (her first try with cable). Its a Knitty pattern! HERE is where you find it. She made it in an acrylic denim look yarn. It looks great!

I did some spring cleaning (in summer) yesterday. Gotta do heaps more. My house is such a mess!

Harley had her last day of school today. She enjoyed it. I dont know how I am going to handle these next two months though! This kid is so full on I have been enjoying her being at school! Next year she will be at school 5 days a week! EEK.

Ok since one of the other blogs I LOVE going to did a 100 things about her I thought I would do a 10 things about me!
  1. I love making lists..But am an very unorganised person.
  2. I can't swim. I have only learnt to float this year!
  3. I am the middle child of three girls.
  4. I have always wanted to design childrens clothes or become an author.
  5. I had Harley's named picked since I was 15 years old. And Rachelle's first name is my middle name.
  6. I hate heights! I have only been in a plane TWICE in my life. First time was in a big plane when I was 18mths old and my family went to Melbourne. The second time was when I was about 10 I think (can't remember for sure) it was in a small plane my mother was flying and I thought the wings would fall off.
  7. All of my ex-boyfriends and Adam (my Hubby) have blue eyes. I am OBSESSED with Blue Eyes!
  8. A tarot reader told me my second child would be a boy...LOL..I do believe Rachelle is a GIRL!!! Though I wanted a boy. If I was promised a boy I would go back for another child though I HATE being pregnant, being in labour and giving birth.
  9. I am rather a introvert..Though when nervous I talk a lot. I have always been shy.
  10. I HATE housework!

And with that note! I will be off!


Monday, 13 December 2004

WOW almost there!

12 Days Until Christmas

I cant believe how close it is getting to Chrissie! Am almost ready too! Just got a few more to get. WOW...

I have finished one sleeve of Harley's Will too! And am almost finished the second one! Then I have to put the raglan sleeves in and do the collar! Then sew the rest up. And Block it..I am a little worried about blocking it. I have never done it before. But I am sure its like making socks. Scary in idea easy in making. Will have to wait and see!

Mind you with all this knitting..I still havent made the little feather lambie for the little boy next door! Will have to get that done as soon as I finish this sleeve of the Will pattern (which I am hoping to do tonight). Then after that is done I will get back to Rachelles Luka jumper. I am happy that Will is almost finished...I have been wanting this jumper done for awhile.

My children have amazing imaginations today! They are playing in the lounge room..There are (as Rachelle calls them) 'nakes' (snakes).... I am also regretting to tell you all that Santa wont be coming this year. Rachelle has informed me that he is in the hosbool (hospital) and Harley informed me he was bitten by a snake so wont be coming this year. As I said they have some imagination! I am totally amused listening to them..Pity I will have to put them to bed soon cos they are actually BEHAVING.

Okies folks I am off! Catch ya later!


Thursday, 9 December 2004


Today was 28C now thats HOT since we havent had a day at that temp since last Summer! I hate summer..I am not a small person. I find great pleasure in the colder weather. Minus 1degrees..curled up in bed listening to the rain on the window..all snug and warm...HEAPS better then laying in bed covered in sweat...tossing and turning..with the window open WISHING there ws at breeze that was slightly cool!

As for knitting..I have gotten a little more through Adams nans scarf. I plan on working on it later tonight when its cooler. Hoping to get it finished by tonight. Doubt it but am hoping. Still havent gotten Adams nan or pop a Chrissie pressie yet and we are going there in three days..I be thinking it will have to be done tomorrow..As well as grocery shopping..and probably some other Chrissie shopping.

I cant believe how close Christmas is. Harleys birthday is even closer! There is 10 days until her birthday! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN!?!

Ok folks..With that message I think I will leave it there..I wont do how many days there is until Chrissie since I did it last night/this morning when I posted at 2am!


Wednesday, 8 December 2004

Scarves and Welcome JAMIE CARL!!

16 Days Until Chrissie

Ok I have started this damn scarf for Adams nan so many bloody times! Mostly cos of TWO things!
1) The holes in the lace were too big for my liking
2) The scarf was toooooo wide full stop for my liking
Though I think I NOW have it all worked out to my liking! So now I have to get my butt into gear and get it finished by Sunday..Shouldt be hard its not a hard scarf (I probably would have made all of it in the so many bits I have done). NOW though I have to think of something else for their Chrissie Pressie..Since we are giving her the scarf for her birthday...Adams MOTHER (their own child) was no bloody help...She said a framed pic of the girls..uuuuuuuuum...we have given them sort of thing for the past few years and now we have a little bit more money we want to get them something ELSE...We can give them a framed pic any time..Its not really a CHRISSIE pressie..We are planning on giving them a profession pic we got done of the girls anyway...Might have to ring THEM for a Chrissie idea.

As for other knitting...I havent done any apart from the scarf. I am hoping to get this scarf done and the feather lamb for the little boy next door so I can guiltfree go back to my childrens jumpers...WOW I actually WANT to get back to my girls jumpers now that I have sorted out Will..and I have always enjoyed Luka..

While I am here..I would LOVE to welcome into the world Jamie Carl Smith...Adam and my friends had their son Monday 6th Dec (only 19 days early). A VERY Tiny 5lbs 3oz (from what Vicki could remember! LOL)..We didnt get to meet him when we visited..He was in Neo Natal Ward (due to a low blood sugar)...A muched loved and awaited little one for some friends.

Okies..Gonna head off now! Catch ya later!


Sunday, 5 December 2004

Wow its warm!

20 Days Until Christmas
(you crapping your pants yet?)
Wow today is warm! Though I have managed to do some knitting. I thought I best start the second sleeve of Harley's WILL raglan sleeve to make sure I get them BOTH done before running out of the 200g yarn. I am adding length. It says to make the main bit (before the raglan decrease) 28cm!! Harleys arm from wrist to underarm is THIRTY THREE (33cm). So I thought I would make it longer. It will probably end up too long after I have made it and blocked it. I am so happy to see I have made it OVER the top of the hill and am on the downhill run (not that you WANT to see me run!).
I have also finished making the feather beanie for my friends baby (he is due on Chrissie day but from what his daddy was saying this week mummy might be induced tomorrow). I cant wait to see the little cutie. His parents will be thrilled (once they get over the lack of sleep). They have been trying for a baby for over a year and after two miscarriages little JC finally stuck. Mind you first child and all I dont know if they know what they are getting themselves into! LOL. Now I just have to buy a few more things and I have finished the baby box of stuff to give her.
I am so happy to see that Yarn Harlot has a book out! I LOVE her blog! Unfortunately for me its not for sale to Australians. Maybe one day.
I cant believe there is only 14 days until Harley turns 5. Mind you I am a bit sad that I have only heard from TWO parents for kids coming. And I sent out over 25 invites. Though they have until the 10th of Dec. I doubt she will get many coming though. And some (who are her friends and one of them birthday party Harley went to) probably wont come at all.
I so have to get my butt into gear and finish getting the last of the Chrissie pressies! Dont have a clue still what to get my parents or Adams half brother! Most people we have already some are even wrapped. Have to finish up a few peoples though. I HAVE to get Adams nan and pops finished by next weekend cos we are heading down there. And the week after down to Adams grandmothers (where Adams father, step mum and half brother and half sister -TWO people not half and half folks - live.). So. That is working out a few pressies before going mad! Now my DARLING lazy husband can sit back and LAUGH! Every year since we have been living together it has been MUGGINS here that has to work out all the pressies..EVERYTHING...EVEN his side that he knows better then me!
Okies folks I be off now. I should be knitting..My kids have had a nap today so I can see they will but up until very late..So much for ME time.

Thursday, 2 December 2004

Been A Busy Duckie

23 Days Until Christmas

Well I have been a busy little duckie. I have finished the front of Will for Harley..I feel like SUCH a fool!! Lol...On reading the instructions AGAIN I worked out I was READING them wrong! I feel so blonde! (no insult to blondes...honest..even though I am a brunette)..

I have also finished the Back of Shells Luka Pattern. So I have to start in on the front now. It ended up going so fast cos all those stripes kept me interested.

Today I got my Chrisco Hampers! I am sooooooooo happy about that! WOW there was a lot..Unfortunately that left me with the nasty choir of PUTTING everything away! Though now I have my Christmas Ham (3.7kg) and Two Whole Chickens to cook (1.8kg each)...Saving me a little at Christmas time. Mind you NOW I have to learn how to COOK the Ham! I am use to the ones you DONT cook! Sigh...Mind you I got so many boxes of Chocolates! I am thinking last minute Chrissie Pressies!?!? LOL

I cant get over how close Christmas is. And more so Harley turns 5 6 days before that!! This year I am going to get her ears pierced. I am a strong believer that you SHOULD NOT get childrens ears done under the age of 5..I think its NASTY AND CRUEL to get babies ears done and I get the overwhelming urge to SLAP mothers that have babies under 1 with their ears done! Though there was a time where I considered getting Harleys done while she was younger JUST so my MIL would stop talking to me! LOL..She said if I got their (the girls) ears done under the age of 5 she wouldnt talk to us....TEMPTING....VEEEEEEEEEERY TEMPTING...What else I dont have a clue. We do though have TWO people coming to her birthday party for sure. Fingers crossed more speak up by the 10th of Dec! Her party is on the 18th.

I really need to get my butt wiggling and grab out Adams nans scarf and get it finished!! I dont have too many more days to get it done in. I think we might be swapping gifts down at their place on his nans birthday (which is the 12th I think that we are having the party. Then there is the little feather lamb for the next door neighbours baby (well he is 1 and asorted months) for Chrissie too.

Okies peoples I think that this will do for now! Catch ya later!


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