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Monday, 29 November 2004

Close Up Will Yarn

This is a close up of the Bendigo Yarn I am using for Harley's Will jumper. I SO love it. Its a GREAT hot pink. Though it looks a little red from a distant (as how it looked in the posted pic of the Will Front).

Harley's Will jumper front.

This is the front of Harley's Will jumper that has caused me so much trouble. I am so having to block this when I am done to make it thinner and longer (will be my first try at blocking). MAYBE if I am brave enough today I will finish the front. I have already started a sleeve.

Rachelle's Luka jumper back.

This is Rachelle's Luka. I have to say when I started it I didnt much like it. Even after removing the ribbing. BUT I gave it time..And now I love it. This is just the back of it. I am almost up to the Raglan sleeves (probably only a few more stripes).

My Girls Colouring-In

This is a pic of my girls being QUIET..Well mostly..It doesnt happen often. Newly bought colouring books help. Dont you just HATE the colour of the couch?

I forgot to Mention!

I forgot to say in my last post that on Friday we went down to my parents place to visit. Its about 1 1/2hr to 2hr drive. And Guess which Bunny did MOST the driving there!! YAY..And I didnt kill us!!! My max speed limit on highways is 80k/ph. I got up to 83 (accidently)..Now this may not sound like MUCH to anyone..BUT...Before Friday I thought doing 40ks was fast! LOL... I really did enjoy it. It was out of the main area so there werent that many cars. Mind you the thought of driving in TOWN still scares me! I didnt have to stop behind a car the whole time I was driving! I am afraid that I might run up their arse.

I finshed up the knitting I was doing for the last S'n'B meeting for tomorrow. Glad to have it all done. Just hoping no more then 8 people turn up (not counting me). Today I might be brave and take on Will or Luka for a bit.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah the joys of kids sitting quietly. We just got the girls a colouring in book each (well an activity one) that is My Little Pony. As well as some new colouring pencils. They are sitting on a couch together with their stable tables colouring in (posted pic above).

Okies...Might have to go off now and take some pics of things I have made to post! LOL..Since this is MEANT to be a blog about knitting.


Sunday, 28 November 2004

Will Will Ever Be?

27 days Until Christmas

I had a talk to my mother about the Will pattern problem. She was so very helpful and told me to "blindly follow the pattern" so I guess that is what I will do and hope all works out for the best in the end. So after I finish up some things that I need to do by Tuesday I will be picking up Will and seeing what I can do with him.

I havent done much more of Luka for Rachelle. Will have to get back into that too. I am loving it now that I have gotten rid of the ribbing. Mind you I might have to work out what to do about the rolling that the bottom is doing now! SIGH. Cant win them all.

I have to buy myself some smaller needles so that I can get started in the girls cotton cardis for the warmer weather (in 4ply) I would have loved to have them done by now but dont have all the needles to start them. They will be great for here on evenings when it sometimes gets a little cool (especially good in spring and autumn).

My last Launceston Stitch'n'Bitch meeting is on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it. I have been working on a little something to give to everyone as a pressie. Cant tell you what it is or it will ruin the surprise for the people who go to the meetings and read my blog! lol

My snowpeas are coming out of my ears almost! Loving it though they arent producing enough to sell in the shop (bummer). I picked 7 of them yesterday. Planning on making a stirfry tonight to use them. YUM.

Ok Folks! Will catch you all later!


Tuesday, 23 November 2004

Luka Smiles On Me

32 Days Until Christmas

I WON the battle! HaaahaaHAAAAAAAAA take that Luka!! I have been so unhappy with it since I got started into the stripes. The problem I had was simple. I didnt like how the eight rows of ribbing was in a sold colour. The next closest thing to that many rows was only 4. So there was a HUGE portion of the one colour then the small stripes came in. I DIDNT LIKE IT! So in a great moment of bravery last night I took to the ribbing. Removed it. Its gone gone! YAY..And I have to so it looks soooooooooooo much bloody better! LOL Mind you I have a rolling problem with the bottom of it now. Dont care! Looks good...Rachelle seems to like it (or what I could work out with her sick mood). Harley keeps telling me its hers. And to make me even happier! MY TENSION IS CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh happy days for me!

My snowpea plants seem to be HEAPS better then everyone else I know. That makes me very happy since I know bugger all about growing plants.

Okies. Apart from us all being sick and myself working on Luka I havent been up to much else! Catch ya all later!


Saturday, 20 November 2004

Luka Luka Luka!!!

35 Days Until Christmas

Ok I am back on track! I pulled out Rowans Luka jumper that I started for Rachelle ages ago (and hadnt even finished the 8 row ribbing of!!). So at least I am back onto things for my girls. Mind you Rachelle already HAS two mummy made jumpers! Harley has zero! I will get back to Rowans Will for her HONEST!!! We are hopefully heading out to my parents place next Friday so Will will be packed into a bag and taken with me since we will hopefully be there for a few hours.

How truely sad am I though? Harley has had this little teddy since she was a baby. Well no one could find one for Rachelle..Adam and I happened upon some two years after everyone had stopped searching. So we bought Rachelle one..And got her to name it Luka!! LOL...Harleys is named Lucy so they fit well together. Rachelle sounds so cute saying Luka too.

I think I am starting to feel better (well I think I am meant to be). Mind you if I cough too much I get light headed. I can breath through my nose again now so thats a bonus. Adam ended up coming home from work last night at about 12:30am!!! OMG! He stupidly logged off at about 12 though so missed out of a few extra minutes..He started work at 3pm!

GASP SHOCK HORROR!!! I have told Adam I will not be buying any more yarn for awhile. I have so much of it. And the latest purchase is for a friend (who I am making two tops for her kids). So $56 later of Bendigo Yarn (on sale) I said I will stop for a bit. Being as I keep buying..And then frogging other work...Hence not starting the new yarn I have bought. I am actually feeling guilty about the size of my yarn stash..Is this normal? I have two HUGE 51cm tv boxes FULL of yarn and then some...

Man my neck hurts. As much as I would love to be knitting I dont think it would help the neck.

Yesterday we gave my older sister her birthday pressie. It was early but we arent 100% sure we will get out there closer to her birthday (her birthday is the 30th November). She turns 30 this year. So we thought we would go all out and get her up with the times...We bought her a DVD player and her VERY first DVD. She was rather impressed. My younger sister put $30 towards it so didnt cost us as much). We think she is impressed with it (though now claims she has to work out how to plug it in).

Okies peeps I am offski. With my sore neck. And the fact we should be about to have dinner (which I havent even STARTED)...Sigh..looks like spaghetti for dinner tonight..


Friday, 19 November 2004

Forgot to say.............

36 Days Until Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poncho Back and other stuff

Well the back to the Rowan poncho is finished! Now have to get the front started. I can say I like the look of it. I LOVE the hot pink. I love the little eyelets to put the tassles through. I could porbably make one of these up in a week if I needed too. Mind you I dont have another small child that I can make one for for Christmas so I dont have to buy a pressie (I have gotten all the small girls pressies already). Bugger it.

I am still stumped for a scarf pattern with an easy lace design in 8ply (double knit) for Adams nan for Christmas. I spent about an hour the other day looking online and came across some I liked...BUT werent in the right ply yarn...OR some in the right ply yarn that I either DIDNT like or the yarn wouldnt have suited. SIGH..Hell I even ventured out AWAY from a lacy design. Still NOTHING that would suit an 80yo! COME ON readers someone has to have seen a pattern online that is simple, mindless, gorgeous and in 8ply (double knit). I am almost (read ALMOST) getting desperate!

My Cardigan that wasnt meant to be made yet was handed over to its owner yesterday. And it looked gorgeous on little Sam..And his mother liked it. So alls well that ends well..Mind you nothing for my girls have been finished yet still...Wonder if Anna knows what she wants me to knit her eldest child yet? He is only 3 (4 in two months).

It is exactly a month until Harley Rose turns 5. I cant believe my eldest child is almost 5! I can still remember her as a baby..Sigh..Time does pass quickly.

To make today even more fun filled....I am SICK..Sigh..And the girls are being total little turds..And Adam is going to head off to work in about 10 minutes. I would love for the girls to have a nap (so I can too) but I wont be holding my breathe.

Got another 5 snowpods off my snowpeas vine today. They are getting there. NOw just have to get my lettuce and cherry tomatoes to catch up (mind you my parents said the lettuce isnt far off being ready too).

Okies my peeps! Catch ya all later!!


Wednesday, 17 November 2004

SNOW PEAS!!! Oh and knitting

I have snow peas! Growing on my plants!! YAY. I have about one that will be pickable any day now. I have like 10 little ones growing still! Looking forward to having my own. Hoping more will be produced. My cherry tomatoes are still flowering so hoping there will be little tomatoes soon. My four lettuces are doing well. All my caulis didnt make it. I am considering my next adventure in their spot. Maybe carrots? Since my other carrots grew too close to the Lettuce and got swallowed up somehow.

As for my knitting adventures. I finished my little rib scarf that I plan on selling. I am going to make a ribbed beanie to go with it and sell it as a childs set. I worked on my feather scarf a little too. I finished knitting the teddy I was going to put in. And I stuffed all the pieces after I sewed them up. I just havent sewed them all together yet. Shocker. It was like 2am Sunday when I finally got all the pieces stuffed (with two phone calls made to me and one I made to someone else). It will get in. I have to consider Christmas stuff for the shop. I am considering adventuring into the world of a knitted Santa Claus....I rarely knit toys. I am irritated by having to sew them up...I am a perfectionist. If it doesnt look like something you would buy in a shop I am not happy.

I am still yet to finish the back of the childs poncho. I think I will be getting to that today. Still have to hunt down a good lace scarf pattern in 8ply to make Adams nan for Chrissie. Might get to that today too.

Okies peoples I will be off now! Catch ya all later!


Saturday, 13 November 2004

Fireworks and Fluffyworks

42 Days until CHRISTMAS

Well a new fireworks shop opened up down here near us so we went and checked it out. Got a bag of a few things decided to set a few off tonight. Only the tame ones that you dont need a permit for. The girls loved them. We even got the little boy next door to come out so he can enjoy them too. Brings back memories. Would love to be able to get a permit and a large enough lot of land to set some of the others off. My only worry was with Harley. She has epilepsy and we will have to wait and see if some of the flashy ones set off a seizure with her. Fingers crossed it doesnt. She hasnt had one since about June/July.

I found a poncho pattern online that I want to make. Now I normally dont like adult ponchos! This one I DO! I can recommend it to anyone! Its really nice. Here is the link http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/images/harlot_poncho.pdf . Its a YARN HARLOT pattern. From the Yarn Harlot blog ( http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/ I can highly recommend this blog!). Plus you can make this poncho in a childs size!

As for knitting well. I have been working on a cute little teddy I plan on putting into the shop to sell. As well as the Rowan childs Poncho. I have almost finished the back of it (I havent touched it for a days. Mmmmm what else? Not much really. The bear and the poncho. Oh and I did a little of a different kind of feather scarf I am testing for the shop to sell next year. Mmmm I have been hitting it a little harder again. I went though a stage of playing a lot of SIMS2 but now I am back on knitting track! lol.

Okies I think that will do me for tonight. Getting late. Have knitting to do.

Catch ya later


Wednesday, 10 November 2004

Forgot to say

45 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No knitting today

Well I was brave and frogged a project the other day. That cross over that was MEANT to be for Rachelle..But was looking like it would be for Harley...I was like 89 rows into the 120something Back..and looked at it and thought...NAH...So that was the end of it. I honestly dont know what happened to my tension. I use to have PERFECT 4mm 8ply tension!!! Now its rooted! Sigh..Will have to work on it again. I blame the yarn (and ALL yarns that have it happening to me at the moment.).

I also frogged Adams nans scarf. I just wasnt liking the look of it. I wasnt in love with it to start with but Adam told me to give it a go (cos I have had moments like that with OTHER things and ended up loving them)..But in the end we didnt get along...Sigh..Dont you HATE it when you dont get along with a project? So now I am going to have to hunt down my Creative Knitting Scarf mag and see whats in there for 8ply. I want something lacy like. Might have to look online..Anyone got any good ideas?

I havent done any knitting today..Or yesterday for that matter..Maybe not for a few days..I am at a standstill..WAIT I did do some yesterday! Worked a little on a ribbed scarf I plan on putting into the shop. Still slowly working on that little stash to get in there..Since Adam has voiced wanting to stop with the cooking we put in there to sell. Mind you I want to make sure his new job LASTS (unlike the last one).

Anyway my dears! Just popped on to give a little update! Catch ya later!


Friday, 5 November 2004

This, That and maybe something else

Well I have finally gotten to try my hands a Zhivago yarn! It is sooooooo nice!! I decided after getting the Creative Knitting special edition mag I would make a scarf from it with Zhivago for Adams nan for christmas. Its DIVINE!!! I am glad I got enough to make myself a scarf too. A nice lace scarf for both of us. Will be my FIRST scarf for me!

My brave little Harley had blood taken today. We have to get her blood level checked every few months to make sure her epilepsy drug is at the right level still. She was happy she got a Rugrat bandaid for it, and a sticker..and a Bananas in P.J's stamp on her hand.

Ok its now only 50 sleeps until Christmas!!! Good Grief!! I have bought Adams grandma something (a nice little religious statue thing). And worked out a scarf for his nan. Thats two less to work out! Adam recons he has my pressie on layby too! Have to work out what the girls will get us now. Harley said she wanted to get Adam a wig...Mmmmmm..Is she trying to say something?

I didnt get any poncho done yesterday (that I am making..Did I mention that before?). I think I am over half way up the front. Did all that in the first day. I am tossing up between keeping this poncho for my youngest or giving it to a child for Christmas. I think I will wait until its finished and see how it looks.

Its such a rainy day today. Very cloudy and dark inside. I so want to be knitting. Think I better do a little housework though. My family are coming in from their farm to visit today. We only get to see them every second week. Maybe next time time Adam has a day off work we might go out and visit them.

Yesterday I read my little girls a little book I had when I was little. It has a mother bear, father bear and three little bears (one being a baby). So my DARLING youngest decided one was me, one was Adam, one was herself and one was Harley. I said to her "what about the baby?" Where Harley piped up and told me I was going to have to have ANOTHER baby!!! I was LIKE HELL! Two terrors is enough for me!

I had my meeting with a speech person at Harleys school yesterday. She didnt tell us anything we didnt know. Harley talks too fast and has constanant clusters problems (words like STar and SCHool are problems to her). So she is going to send us out a report and some info to help Harley with and will look in on her first term next year.

Okies I better be off and doing some housework. Adam is giving me looks cos he is doing it all himself. Catch ya later!


Wednesday, 3 November 2004

Its done

The Forbidden Cardigan has been finished. Will have to get a pic or two of it and pop the pic on here. I have also made Harley a pair of mittens for school for next winter when she is at school 5 days a week. I have started a beanie to go with the Cardigan too. I am so bad. I have started also a scarf to go in the bag for things to be put into the shop to be sold for next winter (there is ONE thing in the bag at the moment. Hoping by about April next year there will be a heap in there to put in).

Will have to start a pair of mittens for Rachelle soon. Both the girls LOVE the cardigan I made and want one each.

So you can tell I have been doing a bit of knitting of late. Been in the mood, yet not in the mood to work on current projects. Even though Harleys Will jumper looks at me with the evil stitch each time I see it...I feel guilty!

This is only a small post today. I have to get off and dish up dinner..BAKED veggies and a easy calve roast! YUM!!!!

Catch ya all later!


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