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Saturday, 30 October 2004

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

Unfortunately that's NOT happening or me! With Adam working heaps of late the girls are starting to suffer major cabin fever (with us not being able to go anywhere cos I cant drive) And they are DRIVING ME NUTS!!!! They have been getting up earlier too cos Daylight savings and I stupidly got thinner curtains for their room (NOTE to self..GET SOME BACKING FOR CURTAINS)...

As for that little cardigan I was never meant to start..I am almost finished it. I have the last sleeve (which I am up to the raglan part of), the open edging and the collar then done. The pattern calls for buttons. But it looks like a bombers jacket so I am gonna see if I can get a zipper that will look great with it. Considering making a matching beanie with a little star to complete it totally. Will have to get a pic taken of it when its done. This cardigan has me strongly wondering WHY I didn't start knitting my girls tops when Harley was a baby since smaller jumpers/cardigans knit up soooooooo quickly!

Bendigo Woollen Mills is having a yarn sale on until the end of November. If you are interested and can get in quick contact Rugby at this email address benwool@bendigo.net.au I am planning on taking advantage of the sale and buying some yarn for a friend who wants me to make her children something for winter next year (I made them something this year you have seen the pic of Chloe on here).

The girls went to a birthday party today. Its funny when you finally meet an internet friend and find that they are the sort of person you would get along with in real life. Well Bree has three daughters. The youngest one (Taleesha) turned 5 and had her party at Maccas today! The girls we invited and HAD A BALL!! BIG THANK YOU TO BREE for inviting us if you read this.

Okies I think that is all for me. Haven't been up to much haven't had much time with having to entertain the girls HEAPS with Adam working. When he started they had him work 12days STRAIGHT before giving him a break. Now he is working a week and only getting one day. Catch ya all later!


Monday, 25 October 2004

Good GOD Is That The Time!?!?

I cannot believe it is EXACTLY 2 months until Christmas!! Where the hell has the year gone?

Saturday was my best friends birthday. She turned 26. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZI! Would have done it Saturday but couldnt get on.

Well my new (shouldnt be doing) project is going well. I have finished the back and left front. Done some of the left sleeve too. I did the WHOLE left front in one day (gotta love little projects). Might see if I can get the sleeve finished today and get on with the right front (dont ask why I did a sleeve before finishing the Front. The sleeves are a different colour and I wanted to see how they would look). Will have to get a pic to post once I am a bit further along (and once I get around to recharging the Digi batteries).

Going out tonight for my best friends birthday to a Chinese restaurant. I LOVE CHINESE!!

I would like to say a BIG hello to everyone that has been here and posted either a doodle or a comment on my blog! Thanks! Hope you all come back often.

Mmmm what else has been happening in my life? Not totally much. The last two days Adam has had days off work (yesterday was the first one after working 12days straight!!!). It was good to have him home we can say. Tomorrow its back to work for him though.

Weather here went from really nice and warm to weird (but having said that that is NORMAL for Tasmania!)..TOday it is overcast and windy. Yesterday it was a little windy but sunny. The day before that there was like 5 minutes of rain (HUGE DROPS) then really windy..The day before that it was HOT!!! STRANGE.

As the weather is getting warmer we (well more ME since Adam is barely home) are considering the potty training for Rachelle. She is 2years 3mths so I think its time.

Anyway am off now! Catch ya all later!


Thursday, 21 October 2004


Well its finally started setting in for me. Had to take my first hay fever tablet today. Mind you it was a weak one and is working so I am TOTALLY greatful of that (last year the strongest over the counter one did even touch my hay fever).

Ok now I know I am bad. I started ANOTHER porject last night. I was going to start something for the shop so I get some of next years winter stuff started so I am not working my butt off all the time next year having no time for my kids things...BUT I have this pattern I have wanted to do for ages..and the yarn for it....soooooo.........I started another cardigan!!! And to make matters worse its a boys one and wont even FIT any of my kids...It is a pattern I was going to make for hte little boy next door. Thought I would get it made anyway. If she doesnt want it it can go into the shop..But still thats not the point...Its in size 1-2 so there is NO chance it will fit my kids..And I am hoping that since it is so little it will be whipped up quickly.

Today we went ant put on layby my older sisters birthday pressie. Her birthday is 30/11..she turns 30!! SHOCK HORROR..So we popped a DVD player on layby for her. Rang my little sister up seeing if she wants to go shares in it (she is thinking about it). We also whacked a digital set top box on layby at the same time.

I cant get over how much pay Adam got for working this week been. Granted he didnt get a day off. And bloody tax people took almost $200 of it...But Hey I would love a few more weeks like that..No wait..Not really. I like my Adam home some days. I can see I wont be getting much from centerlink though even if his pay is $200 less a week...Though I can live with that (still will be more then what we were getting).

Okies..Gotta run. My eldest is home..Still trying to work out where she is going to be totally (down the road, next door..and so on).


Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Vrrrrrrrrrrm Vvvvvvvvrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm

YEAH BABY!!! LOL..I passed the test FIRST GO with nooooooooo studying!! So now I have my L's!! Have to learn to drive now! Adam took me up to Techno Park today (Its like a little street sort of of its own which is on a loop. Has busniesses in it). I went round and round there for awhile. Even encountered other CARS!!! Had a round about to deal with too. Wasnt bad. Got up to a HUGE 55km per hr! FAST for me! lol. I thought 40 was fast.....Hell before I thought 20 was fast enough for me! lol Getting there slowly. Adam only had...mmmm..maybe 3 times he had to grab the door! ;)

As for knitting. Didnt do much yesterday. I did a little but not much. Might try and get more done today. The weather is getting warmer so the want to knit is slacking off a little. Though I still WANT too!! Might look into maybe starting some little things soon to start getting my collection up for the shop for next winter. Heaps of baby, child and mens beanies. Maybe some great beanie and scarf sets for children. And some nice scarves for women.

Do you ever get those days when its only MONTHS away from Chrissie that it is Christmas already? Thats what I have today! For some reason it feels like its already Christmas. As in TODAY!! I dont have a clue why..But here is a thought. Its only 66 days until Christmas!

Wish this cough would go away! mind you I noticed the hay fever is creeping in. Sigh..I HATE hay fever!

WOW Adam worked late last night!! He was meant to finish at 11pm! He got home at 12:10am!!! OMG they better be paying him well for THAT overtime!! He gets his first pay tomorrow from them! YAY..Cant wait...Pity it has to go to bills instead of fun ;)

Anyway I best be off! Catch ya all around!


Tuesday, 19 October 2004

On the Road Again!

How is everyone this charming sunny morn? Can you tell I am feeling better? Not 100% but getting there. Though now my hay fever has kicked in I be thinking.

I have started Harleys sleeve on her Rowan "Will" Pattern. Only done about 20 rows though. The Debbie Bliss cardi is coming along very well too. I really should pull out the ostrich and yarn Patons cardi of Rachelles and work more on it too...Maybe later after I finish one of these two I have going at the moment.

Today I am going to go for my L's! I havent got a drivers license you see (Yes I know I am 26)..I honestly dont know if I WANT to drive. Part of me is scared of crashing (more so with the girls in the car). I am TERRIFIED of parking next to a car!!! Then again I was worried about making socks on 4dps! Thought they would be HARD! And I didnt pick a totally easy pattern to make either. And they were a breeze...Then again I have never heard of anyone KILLING someone while knitting socks...Though...After making some..I can see where the possibilities would be to do so (and probably get away with it). Mind you I havent studied. Didnt study last time I did the test (failed first time passed second). So lets see if I can pass this time without studying.

I sold a few things on ebay. Not many. Rather dissapointing actually. Only sold 6 things out of 20. Last time I sold all but 2 out of 20!! Sold two lots of my yarn though. They were osrtich yarn that was multi coloured! Looked great! I bought more of it for myself (and I think one or two other colours then I sold).

Okies..Gotta go. Will let you know how I go on my test! Catch ya round!


Sunday, 17 October 2004

What yarn am I?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaw now that funnily enough does describe me..well..sometimes! lol

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
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On Second Thoughts

Sigh dont you hate it when a plan TOTALLY fails to come together? That Debbie Bliss cross0ver cardigan I was making Rachelle? Well I KNEW the tension was going to be different for the length (since the tension on the pattern and on the ball were both out by about 2rows every 10). BUT it seems there is also a WIDTH difference too! To no avail though! The tension both ways seem about the same. I am gonna keep going as is and see how it ends up. I am thinking if it looks ok its gonna fit Harley anyway! EVEN BETTER!! Then BOTH my girls get to wear it! LOL..Can you tell I dont usually give a rats bum about tension? Hell one of Rachelles jumpers is made with 12ply when its suppose to be made with 10! I worked it all out and it looks great on her. And since I didnt pay much for the yarn if it ends up a total mess then I'll just give it to some opshop and hope some poor child can be warm this winter. I have made it to row about 87 now out of 138 for the back (before the shoulder working). Not long now until its done. Its gone fast.

I have been thinking about Christmas and the shop I sell in. What do I want to do for Christmas to try and ring in some extra cash? They are always changing the window display in there. So Maybe I could do some more of my dolls? I think I have run out of knitted little teddies (great stocking stuffers)...And I think they might be out of my wheatpack blossom bears too! HEY I didnt tell you all!! I FINALLY SOLD one of my feather lambies!!! YAY!!! First one I have ever sold (mostly I give them away). I have some dolls made just need clothes. Might look into some doll clothes too? I got a pattern or two for teddy jumpers? Mmmmm will have to see if I am in the mood and if I have anything good around! LOL

Its my best friends birthday in under a week. I THINK I have half the pressie for her but havent got a CLUE for the rest! I told Adam today that I REALLY hope I get to go over there next week (since I couldnt yesterday). He said "maybe in the morning. Doubt you will for the arvo!" I was soooooooooo not impressed!! for the past couple of years I have been going over there on Saturday arvo! One weekend she would feed me..One weekend I would feed her. As it was going I was going to be feeding her on her birthday. Since I didnt get to go over there yesterday it means if I can next weekend she will be feeding me.

Can you tell I am feeling HEAPS better? I had a moderate amout of sleep last night too! Though my cough was worse (put it down to cold weather at nights). I had a wonderful thought today! With Adam working again I am soooooooo looking forward to his first pay coming in! Once we paid the bills....Mmmmmmmmmmm extra money again!! Hell getting paid ONCE A WEEK again!!! Sigh! I have missed it! Mind you with him on evenings..He started at 3pm today..Probably wont be home until between 10:30 and 11pm! Will have to start doing things like groceries during the morning. Hell he hasnt had a day off work since MONDAY (that was the day before he STARTED) so having said that since starting he hasnt had a day off! I hope the hell he gets one soon! I am starting to forget what he looks like.

Anyway this is long enough! Will be off!


Saturday, 16 October 2004

I HATE being SICK!!!!

Aaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!! I am just getting over being sick. Today is the first day since about Tuesday that my neck hasnt hurt at all. I got a bit of sleep last night. Hell I was able to get COMFY in bed this morning!! Mind you I still have a nasty cough, a tickly throat and other things but getting better. At least I am not totally stuffed like I have been the past few days. Mind you I dont think I can handle walking around town all day with my friend this morning (SORRY DEMZ!). It hurts my throat to drink fizzy drinks (poor me). Now though Rachelle is getting it and from the sound of it (and I am hoping so anyway) today is her worse day.

Ok before I got totally sick I started a new cardigan for Rachelle (I KNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOW bad me!! So much for starting NONE until I finished the other two..Now I have started three, though one was frogged)...Debbie Bliss pattern. Got over half the back done (did that in like 3 days) now have to get back into it.

Ok for any of you wondering about Adam and those job interviews he had. Ok for the snobby place he didnt get the job (not that I am totally minding but hey might have been nice). In Sanders on the Park he DID get the job! YAY!!! Mind you I have barely seen him the whole time I have been sick being left at home with the girls driving me mad. Hell, all the days he has known when to start and NOT when he finishes. Today he knows he starts at 12:30 and is clueless when he ends! I mean GEEEEEEEEZ do I cook him tea!?!? Lets hope the pay is good! And onto another pain in the arse is dealing with centerlink to work out both his and my payments! I HATED this when he worked at the Commadore...Aaah well after we get it worked out lets HOPE he KEEPS this job!! That was the worse part about the Commadore two months after we sorted out the kinks he got screwed by them.

Catch ya around


Tuesday, 12 October 2004

Yarn oh wonderful yarn!!

Well Yesterday was a yarnful day for me! I finally got my Bedigo yarn in at the po box. I have to say I LOVE IT!! Its that new Persian and I got some cotton too. And I would love to give MUCH thanks to Rugby who has helped me HEAPS with this and that to do with Bendigo yarn! You are an ANGEL Rugby! :D

Also yesterday Adams mother gave me this old 12ply jumper that was hers. Told me to pull it undone and make the girls a jumper or two out of it. GREAT just hoping its 100% wool...Will have to burn a little and see what it smells like.

I also got a new mid blue ball of yarn for Rachelles Luka pattern (wasnt sure if I had enough with the other mid blue).

Adam is on a weeks worktrial at a hotel down here (I am damn hoping they at least pay him SOMETHING too for this weeks work!! If not I will be miffed). He went for another interview yesterday and was told that if he got the job they would call him tomorrow (Wednesday) its another hotel (a rather snobby one too). Guarenteed 2years working with them I think it was (the other place is a casual and uncertain amount of time). So we are hoping for the snobby place first to take him..If not then PLEASE let this place he is in this week keep him! *FINGERS CROSSED FOR AT LEAST ONE*

A HUGE thanks to Vicki for making me two buttons. Now the problem is how do I get them on here with my Link included hun!?!? Also a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUG to her for all the things that has been going on in her life at the moment.

Okays I think thats all for now. If there is something else I will include it later!


Sunday, 10 October 2004

Chloe the Model

Chloes hooded Cardigan

Chloe is a friend of mines little girl. I got an order to make a hooded cardigan for Chloe and a normal jumper for Isaac (Chloes little brother). This is Chloe being a good little model for me! She is Harleys little friend (she is over a year younger then Harley. More like 2years).
I got them (the jumper and cardi) all finished for the cold snap of winter to start for them to wear them!

Ribbed Childrens Beanies

Ribbed childrens beanies

Some beanies I have made to order for people. The straight pink one with the flower on it is my youngest childs (mind you the flower is a cross stitch one I did and put on afterwards.). Thought I would show off some pics of some things to proove I can actually knit and not just talk about it! ;)
It is a pattern I designed myself. I love the three tone pinkish one.

Aaaaaaaaww Frog It!!

Yes I have frogged a knitting project. I was getting rather discouraged with Rachelles Rowan pattern Pumpkin. I mean for heavensakes the size I was doing her was going to be about 90cm round her chest when done!! The kid will only be 3yo when she wears it!!! It was looking wider then Harleys Rowan jumper so I frogged it. I will find something else to do with that yarn. Today I have started Rowans Luka for Rachelle instead. I think it will look great. There is 8 colours in the striped jumper so I have picked Light Pink, Mid Pink, Dark Pink, Light Blue, Mid Blue, Dark Blue, Mid Purple and Dark Purple. I have recharted the whole pattern to go with the colours I have picked (since they arent the colours FOR the pattern). I am working on the back and about to finish the ribbing at the bottom! LOL.

As for Harleys Rowan pattern Will. I have put that down until I see my mother again to ask her a question. It has confused me (the front neck part). So I will probably start a sleeve before I see her again. So hoping to get a bit through that, just have to start it.

Yesterday I was at my best friends place (a newbie to the world of knitting). I had just forgged Rachelles jumper, there was no other pattern in that book I wanted to do with that yarn. I had reached the point in Harleys jumper where I had to stop. I hadnt bought any other balls to start the sleeve so I was at a HORROR spot in a knitters life. Out somewhere WANTING to knit and NOTHING to knit! So I did a friendly thing and asked Suzi if there was anything she wanted me to knit for her. I was then thrown her ongoing project of a Doctor Who scarf that I worked on until I reached the point where she had to buy more yarn to go on (only about 15 rows alas) then she got me to start the ribbing for the beanie she wants to make. I got that half done for her before I had to go home (so if her ribbing looks a little different then mine it wont matter cos hers will be on the inside mine on the outside).

Well apart from some knitting over the past few days I havent been up to much. Just some house work. We are going down to the Mother-In-Laws tomorrow cos it was her birthday last week (and was too busy for us to see her). Where as I still reserve the right to strongly dislike her she doesnt annoy me as much as she use to (I think she annoys my hubby more). Then again I dont see her as much as I use to. And she seems to have learnt to bite her tongue a bit more around me then she has before. I still have strong disliking to a lot of things she does but she is growing on me (like cancer does on some people). But if you ever tell her this I will deny it until I am blue in the face. Plus we get to use her heated pool while down there tomorrow. Its in a shelted spot and is normally about 38degrees Celcius! YUM.

Until next time!


Monday, 4 October 2004

I Failed!!!

So much for not starting a new jumper project until I finished the girls ones that are on the go now! I started Rachelles jumper in Bendigo yarn (Sweetpea a GORGEOUS purple). Making her a Rowan pattern. Pumpkin (a hooded jumper). I started it cos I am up to the armhole of Harleys jumper that takes concentration to some degree. I started this jumper for Rachelle cos 1) I wanted too and was planning on it at some stage and 2) Its mindless stocking stitch so I can do it at the next knitting get together (which is tomorrow) and chat at the same time ;)

A fellow knitters mother came back for Victoria last week. I sent off with her $50 to get me some yarn from the "BACKROOM" at Bendigo. She came back with some GORGEOUS yarn. A soft plum colour and a great multi colour thing! I am going to LOVE knitting both for the girls (one is just under 500g and the other is 500g enough to make them a jumper each).

Something has been eating at my Cauliflower and Snowpeas! NOT HAPPY JAN! Have to find out what I can use to KILL THEM (assuming they are bugs). My lettuce has stopped dying off so now I have 4 that are growing well.

I really gotta list more things on ebay! I have so many. I am amazed my friend hasnt started nagging me (most of its hers). I have some great yarn to list too when I do get around to it.

Ok I think thats it for me for now. Will have to get more piccies to post for you all to look at at a later date! See ya round!


Friday, 1 October 2004

Baby Girls Feather Blanket

Baby Boys Feather Blanket

Posted some pics and an update

Yes the woman is still alive. Havent been up to much knitting of late. After having to stay up until like 2:30am last Sunday finishing up the baby blankets I have posted pics of above I needed a break! Though over the last two days I have done a little work on Harleys Rowan pattern jumper again. Up to the armholes on the front now (then just the sleeves and collar to go)! I have been wanting to do other patterns (something new and exciting) I am showing great restrain and NOT picking up another jumper pattern and starting it...Its hard though ;)

Everyone is well again in my house (apart from I think Rachelle is now teething and Harley seems to have gotten a nasty cough...It NEVER ends).

Our computer has been upgraded a little in the past week. And Adam bought SIMS 2 with his birthday money so I am enjoying that.

Okies..I will try and pop in more often and not be the naughty Blog Owner ;) Catch ya around.


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