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Friday, 24 September 2004

Well Well Well Well

that's what we all are now! YAY! Apart from Rachelle having an ear infection still..And Harley having the occasional bitch about something cos she can.

Currently I am suppose to be working on a baby blanket for the shop. I plan on making two. One for a girl and one for a boy. I will post pics of them once they are done (I have until Sunday to get the girls finished -that's 3 squares and the boys started and finished -which is 9 squares)!

haven't been doing much else of late. Still trying to catch up on sleep that's rather lacking in my life at the moment.

Adam plans on doing some upgrading on our computer tonight with a new hard drive that has HEAPS more room then what we have now (thanks to birthday money he got). So fingers crossed he doesn't screw up the computer! If you don't hear from me for ages you will know either way! LOL ;)

Okies am off..REALLY have to work on these squares have to get the girls ones FINISHED tonight!

Catch ya all later!


Tuesday, 21 September 2004

Mmmmm sleeeeeeeeeep....

Well the youngest sickest person in the house is slowly getting better..All I can say is ABOUT TIME! She hadnt eaten since Thursday night but today has put away some dried biscuits and some pizza roll. She cheered up heaps after there was something in her tummy. Now just the ear infection to battle.

As for knitting. After getting the beanies for the shop done I have done NOTHING! And LOVING it..Mind you have to get my butt into gear and get working on the feather baby blanket for the shop for next Monday now before its too late.

I am so tired! Rachelle has really recked sleep for the past few days and all I need right now it about a months un-interupted sleep!

I cant believe its only just over 3mths until Christmas (and just under 3mths until Harley turns 5)!!! I am very (well mostly) organised this year! By the time book 18 of the Avon comes in I will have about 10 people either bought for or a layby on with their pressie in it! Not too many more to buy for (only about 9 I think). Not bad to work on in only about 2mths! lol And to make it better we wont have to buy too much food cos this year we have Chrisco too (we are seller in it now).

Ok will be off now. Must go do some knitting..Or sleeping or something ;)


Saturday, 18 September 2004

Sick kids and Sorry knitting

Well no pics again for my fans. Sorry guys! Got a sick little girl here. Sigh..WHY oh WHY!! Poor little Rachelle (all of 2yo) has gastro and an ear infection. So she isnt keeping anything down. The poor mite is going to lose weight the way she is going.

Ok I have added a Doodle Board cos I thought it might be easier for some of my readers to post there instead of the whole clicking and going to different pages for the comments. so PLEASE some readers post on it. :D

As for knitting...With dashing around this weekend havent gotten much done. So much for getting two baby headwears done a day from Friday to Sunday! I did one last night and still havent finished Fridays second one tonight to get todays two done! I can see I will be knitting all day tomorrow if I can (hoping Rachelle is feeling better).

Took Rachelle into the hospital today (since no doctors surgerys are open and she hasnt been keeping any liquids down)...REALLY getting sick of telling people her name IS NOT RACHEL!!!! Ok for those of you who THOUGHT it was RACHEL..Here is how to say her name...RA-SHELL! Ok Like Michelle but with an RA not an MI.....Say it with me RACHELLE!!! Sorry ;)

Bought myself some rather large Cherry Tomato plants today. Three to be exact..Going to plant them out into my pot tomorrow..Thought about getting a punnet of smaller ones that had 6 and thought will spend some extra dollars and get three bigger ones that might actually STAND a chance against the birds and bugs this year (last year I bought a mixed punnet of red, yellow and pink cherry tomatoes and between the birds and the bugs ALL died!!)!

Okies people I should be off knitting! Catch ya all round like an orange!


Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Been awhile

Ok so I dont have a pic on here. Havent gotten around to it. Been busy of late with Knitting and other stuff.

Just came back from being down at Adams grandmothers place since Monday. Had a good time down there.

I have been knitting a little here and there. Finished up three feather lambies for friends who have ordered them. Also done a feather beanie that a friend couldnt do so I said I would for her. Now working my way through some baby feather beanies in baby pink or white. As well as some stocking stitch beanies with stalks from a Debbie Bliss book. If you cant tell its baby clothing next week in the shop.

Well my snow peas are still going strong, none have died! YAY..got some rockmelon and sugarsnap peas on the way now.

Got myself some new sneakers today. MUCHLY needed. In a GREAT red colour, also got myself a new pair of shorts for swimming and some great denim capris. The girls got spoilt with a LOT of clothes too. Adam got a new PS2 game and a new pair of sneakers. Can you tell I got my $600 per child payout this week from the government (its an Australian thing thats new this year)?

Nothing else new has been happening. Catch you all later (hopefully with a pic).


Friday, 3 September 2004

Mmmmmmmm knitting maybe?

Ok I didnt get back to any knitting last night..bad me..I was TIRED!! ;)

Today I have been a lot better..hitting those knitting feather lambies I am suppose to make for Monday...I think I MIGHT get 8 legs and 2 tails done tonight..Aiming for that and 4 ears too..So all I have to do tomorrow is 2 bodies and 2 heads..Mind you I have already done both the tails and 4 legs tonight. ;)

I would LOVE to send out a BIG HEEEEEELLLLLLLLOOOOOOO (or maybe a G'day?) to my Canadian Friend Vicki! I thought she had run away and left me BUT no she still loves me ;)

Well I have moved my snowpeas into their permanent place..Have sorted out the rest (since I had like 21)..Anna next door has gotten 3 (plus some seeds)..I have about 5 to give to Demz and to Suzi..there is 3 (though I have to make sure she has something to plant the little babies into)...Mine havent died yet so thats a start. Down to 4 lettuces...still have all 8/9 (one looks like it might be two) caulis..and i planted some carrot seeds yesterday (so fingers crossed I dont think they are weeds and pull them once they show)...

I think next time I post I will include a WIP pic of at least one of my things ;) I think my blog is rather sparse without any..and would be good to let you all know how I am doing.

Anyway I am off to make some legs!


Thursday, 2 September 2004

Same old, same old

Well not much new has been happening here.

The total of todays knitting was 11 rows of Harleys Rowan jumper in Bendigo Wool. Will HOPEFULLY get more knitting done before the night is through though. I have just been really hit with doing knitting for MY kin of late. I should be making some feather lambies for the shop, and vinish Vicks feather beanie buuuuuuuuuuuut......

My younger sister who hasnt been knitting for long (even though she learnt how to do it as a kid), has put me to shame. She has started her first BIG project (a jumper for herself) and she hsa already finished the back!!!!! I mean I took FOREVER to do the back of my girls things..Mind you she is only doing ONE project at a time and I have heap on the go ;)

Wow ebay has some great yarn forsale at the moment!

Okies I am off..until next time!


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